A Leadership Style with Julie Holt

A Leadership Style with Julie Holt

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National Nurses Week is here and we're chatting with the Chief Nursing Officer at The Christ Hospital Health Network. Click here to read more.

As we approach National Nurses Week (May 6th-12th) we’re excited to celebrate an incredible woman, medical leader and mentor, Julie Holt.  Julie is the Chief Nursing Officer of The Christ Hospital Health Network and, if I’m being honest, one of the most approachable, genuine leader’s I’ve ever met.

If you have ever been afforded the opportunity to meet Julie Holt, you will understand that she is not only a fierce advocate for wellness but an incredible servant leader.  Her appetite for personal growth and self-reflection can only be described as “voracious” and her effervescent personality, contagious. She takes nothing for granted and her gratitude is evident in her daily commitment to lead by example.  

“I am privileged, honored, and proud to be a nurse leader at The Christ Hospital” Julie shared, and it’s easy to see why.  Christ Hospital is ranked the #1 hospital in the region by U.S.News & World Report and is Magnet recognized for providing the highest quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.

Julie started her career, clinically, over 30 years ago.  After several years of practicing in neurosciences Julie began in her first formal leadership role of Assistant Nurse Manager.  She later went to achieve her Master’s degree in Nursing Administration, which she attributes to truly preparing her for a formal leadership role. 

Julie is one of the most highly regarded nursing leaders in the region and is respected by so many.  “I am grateful to have practiced nursing and leadership at 7 local hospitals.” 

Nurses inherently give so much of themselves to others, but as the US continues to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, Holt has had to dig deeper to find renewal and personal wellness. 

“I have incorporated wellness into my life by finding joy in the everyday moments. As I have aged, I have learned that the happiness is found by living each moment, by being present.”  

Julie also acknowledges that physical wellness is crucial for fulfillment and living a healthy lifestyle. Julie enjoys walking and spending time in nature- something I recently was able to personally share with her through Trek Executive Leadership’s Outdoor Coaching Program.

In part 2 of Julie’s story she will share her strengths and opportunity areas of personal wellness to inspire other leaders and nurses to invest in themselves.

Learn more about The Christ Hospital by visiting thechristhospital.com.  Join us for The Motherhood Journey on May 4th to hear from mothers across the country about how Christ is supporting moms through all aspects of motherhood, including fertility support, incredible delivery experience and postpartum care. 

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