Alexis Nickelle Co.

Alexis Nickelle Co.

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Read on to learn about a business that wants to create products that help to build up their customers. 

Alexis Nickelle Co. creates handmade candles while spreading positivity throughout the community.

There is a business in the Cincinnati area that wants to spread positivity through their product. “Alexis Nickelle Co. is a candle company that creates purpose filled products designed to uplift, encourage and comfort others through their experience,” Alexis Wilson, Chief Creative Officer, says. The business has been around for a little over a year with two employees right now.

The inspiration behind the business came from a season of healing for Wilson. “Through the healing process, I was able to discover my purpose through creation by crafting physical reminders of God’s goodness,” she says. “I wanted to make sure every home had that.” 

There are a wide variety of services that Alexis Nickelle Co. offers and they include:

  • “Anoras Soy Candles, which is the signature candle line for Alexis Nickelle Co.,” Wilson says. ”It is important for ANC to use soy wax because  we are helping support local farmers. Not only are we supporting local farmers, but also creating a product that is ecofriendly and safe for your family,” Wilson says. The names of the candles are significant to Wilson. “Words hold meaning and power. I am very big on words and their definitions,” Wilson says. “I wanted to create physical reminders by incorporating the words on the candle labels.”
  • Private Label and wholesale for business. This is for businesses “who want to create a scent for their brand or to have products for their stores,” she says. 
  • Scent your wedding: “For individuals who are getting married and desire to have a memorable experience. What better way would it be to craft a unique scent based on the couple’s story that stays with them for a long time,” Wilson says. “In fact, our sense of smell is the most powerful of all senses because it reawakens thousands of memories.”
  • Virtual Candle Making: “For individuals who want something different than their typical virtual happy hour, making it safe and fun,” she says.

Success with the business is defined by customers realizing who they are. They desire “continuing to help others to connect to their inner selves, which, of course in a deeper way, is connected to our sense of purpose,” Wilson says. “Seeing the fruit is evident of its success.” The mission of Alexis Nickelle Co. is “inspiration, healing and purpose,” she says. Wilson wants to go worldwide someday. “I envision this being a global company for mothers like myself to be able to have a job they love, but also growing their passion,” she says.

Alexis Nickelle Co. is different from other businesses like it because of the “creative process of storytelling through my life’s journey,” she says. 

Wilson’s favorite part of the job is getting to be creative. “I love creating nothing into something. Being able to bring a “feeling or emotion” to life in a fragrance form is the best feeling ever because you realize the power and scent,” she says.

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