Angie Knows the Truth

Angie Knows the Truth

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From entertaining reviews and #momlife realness, to style inspiration and traveling experiences, learn about the local blogger behind this go-to lifestyle resource.

When it comes to entertaining reviews, style inspiration and traveling experiences, Angie Haering is your gal. 

In 2012, “Angie Knows the Truth” was launched as a public journal to share her tried and true recipes, travel memories and even restaurant reviews. Today, it’s developed into a bonafide lifestyle resource in the Cincinnati area, with an inside look into the real life of being a mom, embracing new adventures, and trying to dress the part.

“The inspiration behind my blog is simply being fabulous and keeping things real as an everyday life Mama,” says 31-year-old Haering, adding that life can be messy, chaotic, and majority of the time not ‘Instagram-worthy,’ but she celebrates that as well.

The website has many different components to it. Haering says readers can shop her Instagram, read up on her current obsessions, get notified with sale alerts and even dive into her travel explorations from all over the world. The travel section is split up into different categories of states and even continents. Though her explorations are wide, her favorite topic to write about is close to her heart and under the category titled “Mom Life.”

“My favorite topic to write about is my two boys, JJ and Fitz. They are 3 years old and 2 years old,” she explains, adding that her content covers adventures such as their day at Gorman Farm Oasis and even the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

Since 2012, her blog audience and traffic has grown tremendously. “My blog receives between 5,000-6,000 views on my website per month. I reach between 5-10,000 impressions on Instagram and Facebook reaches around 300-1000 impressions. My main target market is the women who are looking for inspiration for style, mom life, entertaining reviews, and traveling experiences…and love Amazon. The bulk of all of my followers on Instagram reside in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area,” says Haering. 

What is her purpose behind the pictures, editorials and posts? “I want my readers to be inspired to live their best life and know that not everything is ‘Instagram perfect,’” Haering says. “Readers will enjoy a lot of different aspects of my daily life in a very real way.”

Though the blog is online, Angie tries to make it as interactive as possible. “I mostly interact with my readers by offering fun giveaways or discounts on brands / businesses that I work with. I always try and support my followers by keeping in touch via email, DM, or liking and commenting on their photos,” says Haering.

For the future, Angie Knows the Truth will continue to keep a realness attitude with the blog by bringing honest reviews, fashion deals, and like always, being fabulous.

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