Art Therapy

Art Therapy

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Our life coach columnist explains how diving into something artistic can reduce stress while also helping you discover more creativity, productivity, and fulfillment. 

Are you a lover of the Arts? Branches of the arts includes painting, sculpture, and architecture, along with music, theater, film, dance, and other performing arts, as well as literature and other media. What is your interest? You might have to think back a bit to when there was more time and less inhibition to explore the arts.

Music has always been a passion of mine including singing and playing the piano. I played for high school choir, children’s choir for church, and for several weddings many decades ago. My passion faded over time when I began filling my mind with self-help learning and letting music go to the wayside.

Interesting though, since being in quarantine, I am finding myself listening to more music and being back at the piano tickling the ivories as they say. Not playing at the level I once did (practice makes perfect) but just playing for fun and I realizing how much joy and happiness it brings me to play.    

What I realized is music has an impact on the spirit. Listening to music has a magic connection that allows you to be on the frequency of an energetic exchange and vibration that shifts something within, where you will discover more creativity, productivity, and fulfillment. 

From this awareness, I encourage you to set back and tap into a time when you felt so connected and aligned with the magic of the Universe through an art source you would lose time doing that very thing. 

Revisit what that felt and looked like for you. Embrace thosefeelings. Allow what is and all the emotions that are attached to that time and space to come through. Be in gratitude.

Now consider bringing that art form back into your life. Maybe you need to buy some paint and brushes to create that masterpiece or fire up that karaoke machine and sing your heart out, or perhaps you can sign up for acting lessons.  Whatever moves you in art form, do that — Nothing is off limits.

And as you engage with the frequency, know you are awakening the creative muscle to spark the energy you desire to open to those things that light you up. Bring back the magic through the art form you have let go to the wayside. Isn’t it time to revive that creative muscle and fall back into the gifts you’ve been given?

Sending love and light,