Back to You

Back to You

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As businesses start to open again and some sense of normalcy resumes, our life coach columnist explains how it can be the prime time to shape your best life.

One thing that has been evident during the pandemic is how simplifying life has moved us all closer to our most natural state. There are far less selfies on social media, no exotic excursions, who’s-who events or fancy nights out. In addition, the use of virtual meeting rooms has opened us up to a new way to being business professionals. No stately offices or wining and dining at impressive business lunches. It’s just you.

How are you navigating the simplicity and stillness in your life? Are you finding a balance? Perhaps you are anxious to get back to what you once new as “normal.” Yet, deep down you know it will not be the same normal you once experienced.

Looking at what has change for you personally may include your personal self care. Little, or lack thereof. 

Are you finding wearing makeup does not seem to be nearly as important as it once was? Has your hair color taken a drastic change during this time? Maybe the real color, which you had forgotten, will be your new look? And who knew those leggings would get so much attention.

Oh, and when you get ready to leave the house, do you know where to find your bras?

All this is true, and yet I personally feel there is a reconnection to ourselves and source when we tap into self care as a human being. The stillness feels natural in the sense we all get to breathe. The quiet on the outside helps us hear the whisper of our inner voice.

What if the real need in all of this is to just be in your own state of au naturel? No use of filters, no polished presence on social media, no longer hiding your vulnerability, fear, and scarcity. Getting back to the basics of living your life from a place of gratitude, acceptance, and loving what is?

Before jumping back into the next chapter of life from the pandemic I offer you the opportunity to really take inventory of what you learned, discovered, and received from the quarantine. What’s truly worth jumping back into? What you will change and do differently, and what you are willing to let go of that once felt so important but no longer serves?

See yourself as that caterpillar transforming into the beautiful butterfly. Open those wings wide and today start living the next best version of yourself. From out of quarantine you have arrived in your true and au naturel state of being.

Sending Love and Light,