Believe in the Outcome

Believe in the Outcome

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Wish you could flip the switch and make your goals and dreams a reality? Our life coach columnist explains how it could be as easy as changing a light bulb.

You know when you flip a light switch, and the light comes on, do you question it before you flip that switch? Or when you get in your car and turn the key and the motor starts, do you question it before you turn the key?

Of course not, you’ve come to BELIEVE that it will come on! Until it doesn’t. What action do you take when that happens? Do you say “Oh, well, it doesn’t work?” and leave the room or get out of the car? Of course not, because you have OPTIONS to find a SOLUTION to the current circumstances and situation.

Your belief system has been created in a similar fashion when it comes to money, health, wealth, and relationships.

When you feel “lack” in these areas it keeps you from being open to receive something more or better. Lack mindset creates stories that you’re not good enough, can’t earn enough, bad at relationships, and can’t stick to a wellness program, etc.

What if in this moment of your current situation and circumstances you treat it like the light switch? If the light didn’t come on, you’d CHANGE the light bulb.  This is usually the solution to the light not coming on and the outcome you’ve come to believe. 

And if changing the light bulb didn’t fix the problem, you’d call an electrician who can take on the responsibility of fixing the light and you no longer have to worry with “how’s that light going to be fixed”….. you just BELIEVE in the outcome!

When you align this thought process with your own personal obstacles, you are more open to receive what you desire and less of what you don’t because you believe in the outcome.  Your thoughts and actions align with your desires, and when you know what you really want, without excuses, you create your life by design.  

Each stumbling block becomes a steppingstone, the setback becomes your comeback, and all the obstacles turn into life lessons for you to navigate and rise into your next season of life. 

So, the next time you flip a light switch or turn the key in the ignition, remember your belief is powerful enough not to question if it will work. And if it doesn’t you can find an outcome simply by believing in the process.  Soon you’ll see how things change for you in all areas of your life.Don’t stop believing in all the infinite outcomes!