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A local counselor helps women create a true work-life balance, rewriting their life stories to include their own personal vision. Read on for more.

Stephanie Hurley, MA, LPCC-S is the owner and practitioner at Best Life Counseling & Wellness.

Stephanie Hurley, MA, LPCC-S, is the owner and sole clinical counselor at Best Life Counseling & Wellness, a mental health counseling private practice.

Located in Mariemont, Best Life Counseling & Wellness is a lifelong passion for Hurley, who has been a mental health counselor for more than 15 years and always wanted to open her own private practice that took a holistic approach to treatment.

“While conceptualizing the start up, I envisioned what I hope to help my clients develop,” she says. “That inspiration is that they are able to truly live their best lives through developing insight, self-compassion, and resilience.”

At Best Life Counseling & Wellness, Hurley offers a variety of counseling services, including individual and couples counseling, as well as family psychoeducation to assist those with loved ones who have a new mental health diagnosis.

When asked what motivates her in a seeming tireless field, she says that it’s seeing her clients overcome obstacles.

“I am absolutely energized by seeing my clients defeat their old mantras of perfectionism, and in them learning to set healthy boundaries with others to improve their own life satisfaction,” says Hurley. “I truly feel honored to have people share their stories with me, so that I might provide a different kind of non judgmental support and teach them a new way of thriving in their lives. I love nothing more than watching people progress in their journey of self-discovery, and hearing them recognize that they did the work to feel better.”

Hurley’s niche in counseling is working with women who are trying to do it all, yet feel like they’re barely keeping their heads above water.

“It can be a real challenge to attempt a true work-life balance, so part of my role is often helping women rewrite their life stories to include their personal vision of who they are as their best selves,” says Hurley. “This often means learning how to ask for help, how to be true and kind to ourselves, and throwing off the burden of believing we aren’t enough as we are in this moment unless we do things perfectly.”

Much of the work Hurley does is all about helping women realize that they are worthy of love and self-acceptance right now, without the promotion, with the middle-aged weight gain, or in spite of multiple failed relationships.

“Through mindfulness and acceptance techniques, along with actionable steps, I can help people reclaim that joy and sense of ‘I’ve got this’ when dealing with life’s inevitable challenges,” she adds. “Once we realize we aren’t alone in our struggles and that they’re not due to some personal flaw, a weight is often lifted, opening us up to feeling better and getting back into the driver’s seat of our lives.”

In addition to her current counseling services, Hurley says that she will soon offer a new option of Walk & Talk Counseling, which allows her to work with individuals outside in the fresh air and sunshine. “This can be a helpful adjunct when treating anxiety or depression as a way to reset, recharge, or to address specific issues in vivo,” she says.

Best Life Counseling & Wellness just opened its doors in August, which means that just about everything coming up is new for the business. Come mid-January, however, the business will be moving into a larger suite within the same building.

“This will be a beautiful and comforting space filled with natural light,” says Hurley. “I believe wholeheartedly that the space used in counseling should help elicit feelings of home to create a ‘soft place to land’ that evokes a sense of safety and support.”

To learn more about Best Life Counseling & Wellness, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, or send an email to Although the website is currently under construction, you can soon learn more at or Hurley says potential clients can contact her for a free 15-minute phone consultation via email or by calling 513-440-3134.