Bouquet Restaurant’s Rotating Menu

Bouquet Restaurant’s Rotating Menu

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Support a local restaurant and local farmers at this Covington restaurant with a unique farm-to-table concept.

Stephen Williams opened Bouquet Restaurant back ini 2007 when he wanted to bring a farm-to-table concept to the Cincinnati area. Since then, the eatery has stayed ahead of the game on embracing local and sustainable farming, as it’s one of the cornerstones behind the establishment. 

“Bouquet’s menu is constantly evolving to utilize the best products from over fifty farmers and purveyors,” explains Williams. “In addition to an eclectic and every-changing offering of small plates, entrees, and desserts, Bouquet has become known for its extensive bourbon collection.”

The history of Bouquet Restaurant starts with wine. Originally, Bouquet opened as a wine bar offering a limited menu.

“The name seemed fitting as Bouquet usually refers to the aromas, fragrance, smell, and scent of a fine wine when it is open,” says Wiliams. “The wine bar evolved into a restaurant where hospitality, local sourcing, and sustainability are some of our top priorities.”

The rotating menu at Bouquet Restaurant adds to the concept’s uniqueness, and the menu changes as the farmers change their crops. Most often, the changes come in the spring through the fall with various vegetables and fruits.

Then, during the winter months, Bouquet Restaurant focuses more on root vegetables and braised meats. 

“The menu is in constant flux,” says Williams. “One dish might have a few ingredients that change, another might be completely reimagined at any time.”

On the current menu at Bouquet Restaurant, Williams says that the Chicken and Dumplings is popular. “It is made with Eggleston Farm braised chicken, gnocchi, celery, carrot, pickled shallots, and toast,” he says. The Wagyu Beef Meatballs are also popular and are made with a creamy lemon-caper pureée, scallion gremolata, and chili oil.

“But, we have a wide array of changing dishes, so one dish usually does not stand out for too long,” he adds.

Williams says that they’ll soon be opening up a new shop next door to Bouquet Restaurant called Spoon: Kitchen and Market. Offerings there include coffee, juice, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, bowls, retail beer, wine, and liquor, groceries, and a full bar. He says they hope to open in March.

Bouquet Restaurant is located at 519 Main Street in Covington, Kentucky.

You can learn more about Bouquet Restaurant and order online at You can also stay up-to-date with happenings at the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram