Boutique Bellini

Boutique Bellini

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With a passion for fashion and helping other women feel and look their best, a local mompreneur launched a new boutique. Read on for more.

Aleasha Smith has a passion for fashion and the confidence it gives.

Originally from the Westside of Cincinnati, Smith now calls Waynesville home.  “I started my women’s clothing boutique because I adore fashion, and I enjoy bringing confidence and happiness to women through clothing,” she says. “My boutique allows me to be home with my family and to also follow my passion, which I am truly grateful for.”

Smith was staying home with her son full-time when she took on a position with a store that allowed her to work once a week, and get out of the house and follow something she was passionate about. 

“Fashion has always been so much fun to me,” she explains. “It can literally change the way you feel, and give you confidence.”

While at work, Smith was seeing the impact that shopping and fashion had on customers, and the relationships she was able to build with them through her skills with styling. 

Aleasha Smith, Founder of Boutique Bellini

“I would get to know my customers and their stories would touch my heart,” she says. “There were familiar stories that would hti home, such as the new mom who had just given birth to a new baby. She didn’t have any clothes that fit her anymore and was shopping for new pieces. By listening to her I would get a sense of her lifestyle and what her fashion needs were. It made me feel grateful to see how amazing she felt walking out of the store. This was only one of many stories.”

To Smith, fashion can heal. “It can make an impact on the person trying on clothes as well as the person styling them,” she says. 

And with those years of experience in retail management, styling, merchandising, and connecting with her clientele, the launch of a new boutique was the next logical step. She launched Boutique Bellini back in 2018 with the goal of providing both a superior customer service and an individualized experience. 

You can purchase tops, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and accessories from Boutique Bellini. Prices range from about $20 to more than $100, ensuring that there is something for everyone. 

Smith says that she hopes to launch her fashion truck soon, as the economy begins to reopen. “I can’t wait to go mobile and serve customers in an entirely different way,” she adds. 

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