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Fancy a spot of tea? Want a fast and healthy pick-me-up? Learn about a booming tea business that’s taking Cincinnati by storm one tasty cup at a time.

Bruetta is a innovative brewing system for loose leaf tea.

Tea has been long-celebrated for its health benefits, taste, and subtle energy. But it hasn’t always been easy to make.

That’s where Bruetta, an innovative brewing system for your loose leaf tea, aims to help.

According to Aly Bleistine, Sr. Account Manager and Ambassador of Development at Bruetta, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water and it’s often celebrated for its wide variety of health benefits and naturally energy-boosting abilities.

“It’s all these facts about tea that inspire us the most,” says Bleistine. “Bruetta sources the best ingredients and teas from around the world and blends them to perfection so that their taste is second to none.”

Bruetta is comprised of a team of professionals who have backgrounds in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and distribution to help build the Bruetta brand and tell its story.

“Bruetta has established partnerships with office coffee services and brand ambassadors,” says Bleistine. “Bruetta has even created a franchise marketing model for the tea entrepreneur.”

According to Bleistine, Bruetta offers a variety of loose leaf tea flavors available for every type of tea drinker. Popular black tea flavors including Mystic Blue Lady, Peach Mango Paradise, and Grand Masala Chai. There are also other flavors available as well such as Coconute Creme Green, Bru Berry, Jasmine Towne Special, Citrus Hibiscus Refresh, Vanilla City Spice, and Apricot Rooibos.

In addition to these loose leaf tea flavors, oolong tea is available and white tea. Starter kits, Bleistine says, are popular among customers, as are 1lb and 1/2lb packages, tea tins, and 1-ounce packages.

“In regards to accessories, we offer a reusable plastic cup, displays for use in the home and the office, and, of course, our (patent pending) BRU-LID,” she says. “And, just recently, we’ve added coffee through a partnership with Copper Moon World Coffees.”

The tea offerings Bruetta isn’t the only thing that makes it unique. According to Bleistine, Bruetta has developed an innovative way to brew quality, loose leaf tea in an instant, and on-the-go with its BRU-LID.

“This is the foundation of the Bruetta brewing system,” she says. “No tea bags, no diffuser, no strainer needed. Tea leaves float freely in the cup so they are able to fully extract, giving you superior taste and full health benefits.”

Utilizing the BRU-LID requires you to add Bruetta loose leaf tea to your cup, pour in hot water, swirl lightly, snap on the lid, let brew for 2-3 minutes, sip, and go.

“Want ice tea? No problem,” explains Bleistine. “Same system, just add ice. You can even customize your flavorings by mixing and matching, or just choose one flavor.”

You can shop Bruetta online, exclusively on the website, although other businesses are jumping on board with Bruetta.

“Offices have been ordering as part of their health and wellness and employee engagement offerings,” Bleistine says, adding that you’ll find several Cincinnati-based businesses carrying their products. “Salons and spas order as a customer premium. Colleges are adding Bruetta teas to their cafes and bookstores. Companies are adding to their business and meeting catering menus. Coffee shops and bakeries are adding Bruetta teas to their menu selections. And, of course, nothing beats a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home.”

Bleistine says to keep your eye on Bruetta this year as the company will introduce sachets this year.

“Sachets are pyramid bags that give whole leaf tea room to expand to a full flavor and aroma,” she explains. “They are biodegradable and eco-friendly.”

She says they’ll also be introducing the BRU-CUP, a stainless steel tumbler with an advanced lid system that is washable and reusable.

“This expansion of our brewing system caters to customers who want a completely disposable product, a reusable cup with a disposable lid, or a reusable cup with a permanent lid,” she adds.

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