BubbaRub For Father’s Day

BubbaRub For Father’s Day

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From sweet to spicy, rub to sauce, ribs to salmon, the new owners of this local business share how dad can up his grilling game this summer.

If dad enjoys a little heat with his barbecue, you may want to give him the gift of BubbaRub this Father’s Day. 

BubbaRub has a strong local following. “We’re a small business, locally created, owned, and operated,” explains Owner Missy Holliday. “We offer dry rubs and sauces with a unique flavor that our followers have come to love.”

BubbaRub was originally founded by couple Andy and Becky Newman, but the Hollidays purchased the business in January 2020. 

“Andy actually created the recipe and decided to start his own business after winning a contest in 2003 where his sauce, now known as BubbaRub, won first place,” says Holliday. 

Currently, Missy runs the business while her husband is her partner in business.

“We came to love BubbaRub a few years ago and we use the rubs and sauces on everything. I actually mean EVERYTHING,” she says. “We learned in December that Becky and Andy would be ‘closing down’ BubbaRub and I went into full panic mode!”

Holliday says she spent the day driving throughout Cincinnati looking for and buying whatever she could find. “I just couldn’t imagine cooking without BubbaRub,” she says. 

Two hundred dollars of product later, she felt as though she didn’t quite accomplish what she was hoping for.

“It was that evening that I started discussing the crazy idea of purchasing the company from Andy and Becky,” she says. “Initially, my husband did think I was crazy. As we continued talks, the excitement grew and we started discussions with Andy and Becky. My biggest concern in this opportunity was to ensure we respected what they had built and we carried on their vision of what BubbaRub should be. That remains our focus. We feel blessed that they trusted us to be good stewards of their ‘gift’ to us.  

Holliday knows the responsibility she took on when she purchased BubbaRub. “We find ourselves answering emails and filling online orders almost every night after work and on weekends,” she says. We had our first ‘event’ last weekend at Westside Market and realized that it really is a lot of work! It’s definitely like a second full-time job. However, we believe in this product so much and we love what we’re doing to expand the foundation that Andy and Becky built.”

With Father’s Day less than a week away, Holliday says that BubbaRub is an ideal gift. Depending on an individual’s preference, there are a few recommendations she suggests.

Those who like their meat spicy should try out the Heat Rub and Heat Sauce. If dad likes a little bit of a kick but doesn’t enjoy a good amount of it, try the Original Rub with a Heat Sauce. If dad isn’t a fan of spice but loves flavor, the Original Rub and Original Sauce is the way to go.

The rubs and sauces from BubbaRub include a secret recipe, which makes the product so unique. “It’s unlike any other rub or sauce you will try,” says Holliday. “Whether you try the heat sauce or the original sauce, you will notice neither are ‘smoky’ but are instead ‘sweet.’”

As the Hollidays dive more into BubbaRub and look for ways to make it even better, they’re hoping to grow the business and expand options for followers. Some of the ideas on the brainstorming list for rubs and sauces are a ghost pepper option, a smoky option, and an orange/citrus option. 

To learn more about BubbaRub, visit www.ruburmeat.com. You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.