Buckeye Charm

Buckeye Charm

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    A small shop in the heart of an antique-loving city is booming. Click here to read more about their unique twist.

    Husband and wife team Jona and Adam Powell are continually evolving. The duo started off watching YouTube videos on how to do graphic design and printing their own shorts. 

    “We tried many different methods before settling on DTG printing,” says Powell. “We sold mostly at festivals and craft shows, before taking the leap to owning our own shop.” 

    Today, they are the owners behind Buckeye Charm, a quaint shop in Waynesville that wants to be your favorite “hang out” spot. 

    “We have been to many shops in Nashville, Austin, and Sedona that had really cool, fun vibes, and we thought that we could do our own Ohio version,” she says. “That’s why we bought an old church built in 1877 and have really poured out heart and souls into transforming it into Buckeye Charm.”

    Powell says that although we don’t realize it, as we live our lives we are adding to our stories. 

    “Life is so short, I want to make sure that I add as much to my story as possible,” she says. “But, I have found a way to connect and hopefully be a positive person in our community through our shop, and that has definitely helped fill that void of working in hospice.”

    Jona Powell and her family.

    Buckeye Charm is located in Waynesville, known as the “Antiques Capital of the Midwest.” The location, according to Powell, allows the store to be even more unique in its offerings and incorporate vintage, repurposes, and new trends all in one space. The store also carries more than 20 local and handmade vendors in the shop.

    The upcycled flannels and graphic tees available are some of the most popular items in the shop, as they incorporate the couple’s love for classic country music. In fact, Powell says some customers have traveled from hours away just to purchase the flannels. 

    Overall, though, Powell loves the approach the store takes in being a little bit of everything.

    “We are a little bit country, a little bit boho, and a little bit of vintage soul,” she says. “We have a vintage ‘46 Dode truck as the centerpiece of our shop. We have added to our own shirts that we print and have evolved into a trendy boutique.”

    The growth Buckeye Charm has seen means that they had to close their Etsy shop to build their very own website, which Powell says will be going live soon, to keep up with the love customers have for shopping there.

    You can keep up with Buckeye Charm on social media via Facebook and Instagram. There is a “Coffee with Jona” live video every Wednesday at 10:30am, where Powell has coffee with followers and talks about what is new to the shop and a weekly giveaway. 

    “That’s my little way to feel like I am brightening someone’s day,” she adds.