Building a New Routine

Building a New Routine

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Last week we celebrated the beginning of spring and the equinox when the daylight and nighttime are both twelve hours. Time for spring cleaning, planting, and watching the plant begin to bud and green. Ahh the magic of spring.   

Now I am not a guru when it comes to our moon cycles, but over the years I have come to appreciate the cycle of the moon and how it can have a positive effect when you practice some rituals that allow you to align and receive the magic of the full and new moons.

Three easy things I recommend you consider trying is:

Journal what you do not want to tolerate or experience currently in your life.  As you write, add all the emotions, and be committed to letting them go.  Then take the paper outside with a bit or sage or tobacco and light it on fire. As it burns repeat “I now release you to be recycled over time and space. I am open to receive more. And so, it is”. 

Now this does not mean tomorrow you will see evidence of all that you release being gone, however, if you look for the evidence, over time you will begin to see where you no longer are experiencing the things you let go of. And, if you do, then repeat it again next month.

Ignite the magic of what you do want. This can be a fun time to give your vision board an uplift with new images, or even adding more. You are the creator of your reality so add all that you desire. And remember to feel all your senses when you look at those images knowing you are an abundant receiver, and the cosmic kitchen is conspiring on you behave to create your new reality. 

Other ways to align with the Universe is to mix up a cleaning solution adding a bit of a lemon scented essential oil to the water and use to wipe down items all the rooms offering a cleanse to those items you touch. 

Burn some incense, palo santo or sage to purify the air. Now it may not smell like it is purifying but it will give you a since of peace. This is also known as smudging. 

So, as you continue to find ways to live a better life, consider adding in a new niche to your routine. I have been doing this work for over five years and it just keeps getting better.

Happy Spring!