Celebrate All Things 

Celebrate All Things 

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Take time out of your day to celebrate all the important moments in your life.

General Foods International Coffee’s tagline “Celebrate the moments of your life” is the brand messaging that says to feel relaxed when things get hectic by sipping on a cup of coffee. They further go on to say it calms things down, pust the world on hold for a little while – from savoring the flavor for a moment – allowing you to feel luxurious before getting back to the day.  

Perhaps you are not a coffee drinker, and that is not the point. The awareness is that the little things in life can be a reason to pause and celebrate.   

Traditional celebrations include weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, holidays, and everything in between, and these events are placed on a day.  

Today, think about all the things you could celebrate that are not on a timeline but are in your everyday life experience.  

The coffee is just one of those moments, and if you really look at your day-to-day you will find ways to celebrate you. You are worth celebrating. 

Here’s how. Align your energy with a good feeling. A moment when you were super happy, in your happy place, your kids, pets, or partner. This is reaching for good feeling. 

This practice is helpful especially when sadness, upsets and disappointment come along, and being able to ease out of that energy and into the more positive one requires you to start celebrating the little things along the way. 

The celebration does not have to be party hats and cake. You pause and notice what is making you feel good and say yes, more please. Using this practice, you will be being to shift your energy quickly from negative to positive. 

Start with at the end of the day pause and think about one thing you would like to celebrate. And even if it is the fact that you got up and made it through your day, celebrate that, and you’ve survived all your worst days. 

For me, I celebrate writing this column, I celebrate that others read it and receive value, and I celebrate that I will get to do it again next week.  

You see, it can be as simple as that. Move into your happy place. Celebrate all things.  

You deserve to live your best life and it starts now.