Chic Spotlight: Firecracker Bakery’s New Sharonville Location

Chic Spotlight: Firecracker Bakery’s New Sharonville Location

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A small bakery has taken big steps and opened a permanent location in Sharonville. Read on for their poppin’ story.

Cincy Chic: What is Firecracker Bakery?
Lynn Wambaugh, Owner of Firecracker Bakery: Firecracker Bakery specializes in round one-tier special occasion cakes, chocolate chip cookie cakes and delicious cookies called bursts.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Wambaugh: I moved to a licensed commercial kitchen called The Hatchery in February of 2016. The Hatchery is an incubator kitchen inside of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Newport, Kentucky that hosts startup food companies. It was founded by Rachel DesRochers of Grateful Grahams. While at The Hatchery I built an amazing team of helpers that I couldn’t do this job without.  My team members are Leslie, my mom – Nancy, JC, Annette, Kelly and Mariah. I also have a terrific friend named Jenny who helps me with some photography.

The Hatchery was instrumental to Firecracker Bakery’s growth and success. In this space we became a licensed baking team, we learned how to use commercial baking equipment and we developed a process of efficiency while maintaining high standards. We also built connections, networked and collaborated with other foodie entrepreneurs. This location was perfect in so many ways, but with our growing customer base we were ready to make another change.

In November of 2016, 9 short months after our first move, a new incubator kitchen became available that brought opportunities we were searching for. We were giddy! In November of 2016 we moved to The Coop, Rachel DesRocher’s third incubator kitchen, which is located at The Macaron Bar in Loveland, Ohio. Our new space is an open concept kitchen design which allows for optimal multitasking, gives us more room to work and the bonus being 10 miles closer to our homes in West Chester. We are excited for the opportunities for retail, baking classes and more!

Wow! Another move! After being in Loveland for about 10 months we realized we were ready for our own place. It was time. After spending almost 2 years in Commercial Kitchens we felt we needed to move on and take the big step! I started looking around for buildings in West Chester and Sharonville. We found the perfect building in Sharonville and decided YES let’s take the big jump and purchase a building of our own.  It was a busy and stressful Holiday Season, working like crazy and closing on a property. We closed in November, 2017! We are so happy we did it! We love our new location in Sharonville. It is the perfect little place!

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Wambaugh: I’m Lynn, just a girl addicted to baking! I opened Firecracker Bakery after deciding to take my hobby to a whole new level, and it has been awesome!  

As the founder and owner of Firecracker Bakery I am passionate about creating smiles and bringing joy and happiness through a simple sweet homemade treat. That’s how it all got started 13 years ago. After retiring from my teaching job to stay at home with my first born I became very active in my community. I loved reaching out to other families and found myself joining groups like Moms Club, MOPS and also became a neighborhood tutor. I enjoy getting involved with other people, building relationships and supporting community members.  Through this, I found myself so touched by the pain and hardships families experience that I started baking more and more as a way to show my concern and care for families in need.  The more people I got to know, the more baking I was doing! Eventually I was encouraged to turn my passion into something bigger! This is when Firecracker Bakery was born!

Cincy Chic: Where are you located?
Wambaugh: Our new address is 10965 Reading Road in Sharonville!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Wambaugh: Check out our website at We’re also on Facebook and Instagram