Chic Spotlight: P + K Collective

Chic Spotlight: P + K Collective

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A love for creating and planning styled shoots inspired this local artist to launch her own online shop of digital downloads. Read on for more.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about P + K Collective!
Peyton, Founder of P + K Collective: P + K Collective is an online shop that sells art via digital downloads. I always joke and use the phrase “this ain’t your momma’s cheesy wall art” in our descriptions. I truly like the items I’m posting, and they are designs I would like to print and put on my own wall. Upon purchase, the customer is able to download the files immediately and print them however many times they would like. If there is an issue, I will gladly re-size, change files, or update image quality if needed. We offer custom prints, quotes, lyrics, wedding signage, etc. We are in the process of also releasing blank digital mockups that can be purchased and used for other small businesses as well! We are brand new, so our shop isn’t as large as we would like, but we have a lot planned and ready to go. We offer discount codes to our returning customers to show our appreciation, and we are always doing sales.

In this process, I style a flat lay or a mockup, and other businesses can use my templates to market their products. I have experience in the wedding and event industry in styling, social media, and planning, so this is a really fun hobby for me!! It is actually very entertaining, I set up everything in our living room, in front of our huge window, and stand on our step ladder. I know the neighbors are confused, but the shots are gorgeous. Blasting music on Alexa, drinking coffee, and styling the mockups or editing prints that could be on someone’s wall one day truly makes me happy.

I also have a love for collecting vintage items, which will be posted in the shop too. We like a little bit of everything. More digital mockups, designs, and vintage items will be coming to our store this year. 

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Peyton: The inspiration comes from attending and planning many styled shoots, and for wanting to make art for social media and for my home that I enjoy seeing! No more staring at the dated wall art I got on clearance. 

No one knows your style as you do, and I wanted to offer products that are versatile enough to satisfy any aesthetic. It is very important to me to shop small and to support other businesses. I love being able to supply them with props for pop-ups, their storefront, or even just images that can boost their social media image.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind P + K Collective?
Peyton: My name is Peyton or “P” from P + K Collective. I’m a local student, event coordinator, stylist, and now aspiring small business owner. 

Cincy Chic: What makes P + K Collective unique?
Peyton: P + K Collective has unique products because they are created by someone who has been on the styling side of things, and someone who knows how frustrating it is to want something for your home or business but the design is just a bit off. We want to help bridge this gap because we love making cool things and because we know how it feels.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Peyton: Our Instagram page and our Facebook page give updates about new arrivals. We are in the process of starting an email list soon!