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Cincy Sleepovers

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    Staying in is the new going out - especially in a COVID world. Click here to read more about a husband and wife team aiming to make stay-at-home orders more enjoyable and a lot more memorable.

    This year has been rough. We’ve been separated from extended family for months, unable to enjoy the things we usually do – including sleepovers and family vacations. 

    Megan Redmond is no exception to the sadness the year has caused when it comes to travel.

    “We had a family vacation planned this past summer that ended up being cancelled due to COVID,” she says. “As Option B, we decided to do a family staycation at our parents’ house with our kids and their three cousins. We were all so disappointed that we couldn’t get out of town, so we set out on a journey to make the staycation as fun as it could be.”

    The family reserved a Kona Ice truck, blew up a bounce house in the backyard, got a pinata, and had a fun family meal catered. 

    The fun they were able to create in the backyard with their children’s first sleepover inspired them to do something more – launch their own business.

    The Redmonds are the founders behind Cincy Sleepovers, a luxury sleepover rental company.

    “We provide all the supplies and decor you need to throw an epic sleepover for your kids or family in the comfort of your own home,” explains Redmond. “We offer various themes and each theme comes with all sorts of supplies and decor items like large canvas tents, inflatable air mattresses, themed throw pillows, tray tables, lanterns, strand globe lights, banners, garland, and other fun accessories.”

    The husband and wife team behind Cincy Sleepovers additionally work full-time jobs, but enjoy the fun they’re able to create for others, especially during these trying times. 

    Cincy Sleepovers just recently went live and are touched by the response they’ve seen thus far. “We thought maybe we would get one or two reservations a month,” says Redmond. “Ha! We sold out the entire month of December in our first 48 hours!”

    When booking a sleepover with Cincy Sleepovers, the first step is to decide how many kits you need. A kit is a tent/mattress/decor combo as well as your theme. 

    Then, you can reach out to the team at Cincy Sleepovers and choose a date to get a quote. Once your date is set and your deposit is receive, you can pick up your supplies the day before the event and bring them back the day after your event. 

    “We provide setup resources like photos and checklists so that you know exactly how to style everything,” says Redmond. “Setup is super simple and can usually be done in less than an hour.” 

    Currently there are seven themes to choose from with Cincy Sleepovers. These are: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Pretty in Pink & Gold, Rainbows & Unicorns, America’s Past (Bed) Time (Cincinnati Reds), Who Day Huggle (Cincinnati Bengals), Harry Potter, and Fortnite. 

    “We also offer clients the ability to create a custom theme,” she explains. “So if parents don’t have a specific theme or color combo in mind that we don’t currently offer, we can curate the accessories specifically for them!”

    Because Cincy Sleepovers was born out of COVID caution, and because the Redmonds have a high-risk child, they understand and take this pandemic seriously.

    “Cincy Sleepovers is a way to celebrate safely in the comfort of your own home,” she says. “We have very specific processes in place to ensure all of our materials are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each rental. This is important all the time, but especially important right now.”

    The disinfection process with Cincy Sleepovers includes: laundering in hot water all sheets, removable pillow covers, and blankets; steamign with a commercial steamer all pillows, plush items, tens, fabric garland, and rugs; disinfecting all hard surfaces like wood, trays, signs, and lanterns with products listed on the EPA’s list of approved SARS-CoV-2 disinfectants; temporarily suspending all in-person services such as kit delivery and pickup and operating under a contactless model until COVID is better controlled; and temporarily limited packages to five tents maximum to encourage gatherings remain small and safe, except for family-only gatherings. 

    Cincy Sleepovers is a first of its kind in the Queen City. “We are the only company that helps make staying home and partying in your living room better than going out,” says Redmond. 

    And the couple is only looking up as we head into 2021. Redmond says they’ll be adding new themes like Slumber Spa, Jungle, and Outer Space. They’ll also be offering “add-on” products soon. 

    “While all of our standard kits come with everything you need, add-ons are extra special items that can really take the party over the top,” she adds. “Think of a projector for watching a movie on the big screen, craft kits, and themed games.” 

    To learn more about Cincy Sleepovers, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see photos of new themes, updates on last-minute reservation openings, and host giveaways.