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Cliff’s Greens

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Learn about a local company that grows, sells and delivers a variety of microgreens to the local area through a subscription-based program.

Cliff’s Greens is on a mission to have a positive impact on the community through healthy eating.

“Cliff’s Greens is an urban farm that grows, sells and delivers organic microgreens to the local Cincinnati community,” says Clifford Hammoor, Founder of Cliff’s Greens LLC. What are microgreens? They “are essentially the seedlings of herbs and vegetables,” Hammoor says. “They are super flavorful and grow well in relatively small indoor space, which I am currently limited to.”

There are a variety of products sold through the business. “Cliff’s Greens grows, sells and delivers a variety of microgreens to the local area through a subscription-based program. Customers sign up for a subscription service on the website,, and they receive their favorite microgreens delivered to their door on a regular basis,” he says. “The microgreens I’m currently growing include: arugula, broccoli, radish, salad mix, sunflower shoots and pea shoots. They usually taste similar to the full-grown crop, but with more intensity!”

There are many health benefits with microgreens. “Though there are a lot of factors, most microgreens contain a higher concentration of nutrients than the full-grown crop,” Hammoor says. “Most importantly to me, though, is that it’s super easy to incorporate microgreens into almost any dish-whether cooked, raw, on top or as a side salad- so people can make any meal fresher and more nutritious year-round and without needing much adjustment to their routines.”

Cliff’s Greens is located out of the apartment of Hammoor in the Gaslight District of Cincinnati, where he operates the business by himself. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from interning at an urban farm in Denver, Colorado. “There, I became more aware of how important easy access to healthy, local food is and the impact it has on the surrounding community and overall food system,” Hammoor says. “After moving back to UC to finish my final semester, I wanted to see how I could participate in the local food system.”

The microgreens come from his own personal grow room. Hammoor defines success with Cliff’s Greens by “having a positive impact on the health of my customers,” he says. Growing his own product allows Hammoor to positively impact the community around him. 

The vision for the business is to “help community members develop a healthy relationship with their food choices and their local food system,” Hammoor says. Cliff’s Greens is a unique business of the Cincinnati area. “What makes Cliff’s Greens special is that fresh greens are handed to the customers by the farmer who grows them,” he says.

Hammoor’s favorite part of the job is spending time in his grow room. “It’s warm, bright and it smells amazing,” he says. “I also love hearing excited customers talk about all the ways they are using the greens!”

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