Colette Paperie

Colette Paperie

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Check out the fun ways a local greeting card company is spreading humor and joy in the midst of COVID-19.

Everyone has checked their mailbox to find a card from a big box store with a mundane message inside. For Colette Paperie founder, Keli Spanier, that scenario was all too real and in 2010, she hit the ground running with her business to make eco-friendly cards that people really wanted to send and receive.

All of the cards are created in Spanier’s studio. “My studio is a hip little space called my basement in Northern Kentucky. I have different little workstations for creating, cutting, packaging and shipping,” says Spanier. “I design and print everything here, and I use recycled paper products manufactured in eco-friendly mills. Nothing is outsourced.”

At Colette Paperie, color and witty designs work hand in hand.“I love creating new designs – tapping into what people are laughing about, social trends and getting to hand-letter sayings are some of my favorite parts of the company,” says Spanier. “I also love knowing how far my cards travel – to be opened by surprise and the emotional reaction when the recipient opens it. It’s a cool feeling knowing that I am fueling one person’s need to show love for another person that they can’t be near.” Colette Paperie has fulfilled orders, both wholesale and retail that in the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland.

In response to COVID-19: Colette Paperie has been both designing fun cards to uplift spirits during quarantine and giving back to the community. “I’ve really enjoyed creating some cards that link us all together in how we’re feeling being stuck at home. I had heard about GO Pantry in the past, but what I didn’t know was that around 700 children in the Northern Kentucky area depend on their food and that now, more than ever, they need our help raising money. Colette Paperie has been able to raise $1000 just through card sales alone and I am so pleased! They have a wonderful organization with some very kind souls working nonstop to feed hungry children,” says Spanier. “I have been discovering what cards people like the best. The top sellers so far have been ‘Just a little social distancing check in note’ and ‘I’d like to share my last bottle of hand sanitizer with you’. We have a total of 15 different cards available about the coronavirus.Snail mail will always be revelent and enjoyable for everyone involved in sending it.”

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