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Confetti Caddy

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Make celebrating the little things a little easier on your busy schedule this year!

Lifestyles are busy and as we start to get back on our feet following the shut downs and stay-at-home orders caused by COVID-19, the last thing many people have time for is party planning. 

That’s where Confetti Caddy comes in. 

“Confetti Caddy is boutique party rental company that originated around the idea of themed party box rentals for busy families,” explains Confetti Caddy Founder Jenae Jacobson. “We wanted to make it easy for you to create a party with more style, more fun, and a lot less stress.” 

Jacobson says she, alongside her co-founder Mia, found the inspiration to launch Confetti Caddy from their shared love of throwing parties for their own children. 

“We love throwing parties and entertaining, but hate all of the excess items leftover that we will never use again,” she says. “We also wanted to eliminate unnecessary plastics, waste, and overspending – it’s easy to get carried away when buying for your kids.”

Trying to find a solution to this problem, the idea of renting these often wasted items seemed like a no brainer, and thus Confetti Caddy was born.

Confetti Caddy launched nearly 6 months ago and they’re already in the process of adding more rental box themes to their lineup.

Currently, you can choose from six core options: Farm, Country, Princess Swan, Construction, Donut Rainbow, and Donut Brunch.

“Each box includes serving pieces, cake stands, tabletop decor, accessories, and a linen,” says Jacobsen. “We provide you with suggested images on how to setup your table but in the end, it’s up to you!”

Those interested in throwing a party with Confetti Caddy can send an email to or send a message on social media. There, you can let the team know which theme you are interested in and on what date. “We coordinate pick-up and drop-off dates and times, and you are all set,” says Jacobsen. “If you need additional platters or cake stands just ask, we are always able to customize your order.”

Jacobsen is the looking forward to the future of Confetti Caddy, despite the toll COVID-19 has taken on the entertainment industry.

“It goes without saying that COVID has unfortunately taken a significant toll on the events industry in general,” says Jacobsen. “People have slowed down on having parties so we have pivoted to focus on COVID-friendly items like balloon displays and custom backdrops. Just because you aren’t having a party doesn’t mean you can’t surprise someone with something beautiful!”

To learn more about Confetti Caddy, visit You can also find them on Instagram or Facebook.