Connecting the Ddotts

Connecting the Ddotts

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    This local lifestyle blogger is sharing her struggles, story and style in a tiny (actually, not-so-tiny) corner of the internet. Read on to see how her family, and her blog, will soon expand in some very exciting ways.

    The inspiration behind Shelbie Todd‘s blog, Ddotts, started as a secret outlet following her epilepsy diagnosis. 

    “It was a wonderful form of therapy for me to just log on and write about my new life with epilepsy,” she says. “Once I shared it with friends and family, it was incredible to see how my story helped others in similar situations. Over time it slowly turned into what it is today.”

    Today, it’s a popular Cincinnati-based blog with international reach, covering a variety of lifestyle topics. “Ddotts is my lifestyle blog where I share everything from motherhood, travel, fashion, favorite things, life in Cincy, recipes, inspiration, and so much more,” says Todd.

    Todd is the one-woman show who founded Ddotts, but she talks about her family a lot and her husband even contributes to content you’ll find on the site. Her two littles, ages 9 and 7, enjoy helping out mom behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera. 

    The fun shared on Ddotts covers a variety of topics, and just about everything that falls under the lifestyle umbrella. “I share what’s going on in my life in hopes of helping others along the way,” she adds. 

    When it comes to running the blog, Todd says that there are so many things she loves about the entire process. She says she enjoys the freedom, the creativity, and working with brands and businesses she loves. 

    “Most importantly, I love creating this digital scrapbook of our family for my children to look back on,” she says. “I hope to inspire my children to lean into a career that makes them happy and brings them joy over anything.” 

    In the time since Todd launched Ddotts, she says that some of her most favorite posts have been the travel guides she’s written for readers and followers. 

    “We have gone to some pretty amazing places here in Cincinnati and surrounding,” she says. “If it’s falling in love with our city all over again – or finding love somewhere new – it’s so amazing to share places we love with our followers and see them enjoy it as well.”

    The uniqueness in Ddotts can be found in the way Todd showcases the highlights and lowlights about her life. “I show up just me – flaws and all,” she says. “I just want to be a source of inspiration for everyone to find joy in their daily lives by showing up exactly who we are – not a Pinterest perfect version – not rehearsed. Social media has a lot of effects on all of us – so much pressure. I want to be a light and feel like a friend or a big sister – someone you can easily reach out to for advice or information.” 

    Todd will soon be able to showcase something new on the blog as she prepares to give birth to her third boy. “We are so excited to expand our family and meet this little light who has shined so bright for us during this wild year,” she says. “I am very excited for what the future holds for the Ddotts blog and our family.” 

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