Cooking Up Success

Cooking Up Success

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See how a local personal chef took her business from a professional nightmare to a dream come true — and the secret ingredient that made it all possible.

Rebecca Denney loves making good-for-you-food, but a few years ago, something not-so-good was brewing.

As she faced the difficulty of needing to close down her beloved cafe, she was lost – personally and professionally – with all the decisions and ramifications of it all. 

Serendipitously, she came across a column by life coach Melissa Kirkpatrick with Find Your Own DRIVE. As Kirkpatrick talked about finding clarity, purpose and drive – even after losing steam along the way – Denney decided she needed to call. 

After several months of being coached by Kirkpatrick, Denney had successfully maneuvered out of the cafe that wasn’t serving her any more, and into a simplified personal chef model that allowed her to get back to what she enjoyed again. She then connected with the owner of Aberlin Springs, the area’s first agri-community. She began providing personal chef services, and today she’s the owner of The Modern Farmhouse Kitchen where she provides private personal chef services across Greater Cincinnati, as well as manages Aberlin Springs‘ on-site market, meal prep, chef and catering services for the entire community. 

“It’s a dream come true,” Denney says. “I look out the window every morning and see all the beauty around me, getting to do exactly what I love to do. I no longer have all the stresses that held me back before and paralyzed me making bigger and better things happen for myself. I know I wouldn’t be here had I not called Melissa and worked with her to find my path through the thick of the fear and pain and into this beautiful place full of purpose and possibility.” 

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