Countdown to 2021

Countdown to 2021

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Making a new year’s resolution? Our life coach columnist explains how to visualize your aspirations and actually make them happen this year.

While the celebrations will be more casual this New Year’s, the optimism going into the new year is still the same.

A new year signifies a time to reboot, reframe, and recall the thoughts and ideas in your head that you want to accomplish, be, do, and have.  

Resolutions and vision boards allow you to get really clear on what you do want and what you no longer want.  Identifying these will allow you to align with a plan to reach and crush goals with speed and rapid results in the new year.

Yes, you may be saying, “I remember setting those resolutions that would only be broken a few weeks into the new year and the vision board became a thing hanging on my wall that didn’t get any attention.”

Or maybe you did not do either but set intentions for letting go of what you don’t want and calling in more of what you do such as losing weight and make more money.  

Whatever you desire, the key is creating a clear and solid plan and being supported by having accountability.

Do you have those things in place? If you are struggling and need help — ask — there is no shame in being supported.

Even if you have not created a vision board or set a resolution, consider how these tools will support you moving forward.

Navigating life can be challenging. Staying motivated and focused to live life by design, filled with passion and purpose, iswhere the magic happens.

I encourage you to take the next three days to get excited, make a plan, get focused, and ask for accountability so 2021 will be your year to “Find Your Own DRIVE”.

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