Creating Space for More

Creating Space for More

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Want more good in the new year? Our life coach columnist explains how to mindfully make space in your life for it.

When you create space, you allow for more. As we move into the holidays and gear up for the new year, take time to open your space mentally and physically. Opening space means you are preparing to receive more of what you want and easily let go of the old. Are you ready?

Let’s start with your thoughts.  Setting your goals and desires, begin by creating the vision and believing in infinite possibilities. Begin to use “I am” mantras that include abundance and prosperity. Journal all the details of what you desire to get you excited and free up your thoughts from lack.

As for your physical environment, wherever there is clutter or unorganized chaos, find ways to clean it up, organize,or pitch it. Trust it no longer holds value or importance in your space, and it is just keeping you stuck in a low vibrational frequency and your intention is to be on the high vibrational frequency tapping into the Cosmic Kitchen of the Universe. 

Additional areas to open space include:

• Remove clothes from your closet that are no longer your style, too big, too tight or you just don’t wear.
• Clean out one junk drawer, you know the one in the kitchen that collects everything from rubber bands, pieces of paper, ink pens, nail clippers, and such.  Organize or pitch. 
• What’s the inside of your car look like? Could it use a little cleaning out of “stuff” or a good wash and vacuum?
• How about those relationships? Those that no longer fill your cup, begin to distance, or limit time together. You will know who this is because you feel an “energy leak” when you spend time with them.

This is only a few areas in your life that might be weighing you down. Look around and see where else you can release what no longer brings joy.  When you can open to receive both in your mind and physical environment, the Universe can deliver more.

If you’re holding too much space for all the unwanted things in your life you’ll find it a struggle to get the things that you do want in your life. Make the exchange: release what you don’t want and be excited about what you do want is on its way to you. 

And to really ignite the magic, go outside and lift your arms high into the air and say “I am open to receive” feeling the cosmic energy conspiring on your behalf!