Dipped Sweets

Dipped Sweets

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A local woman makes creative confections almost too pretty to eat. Keep reading for all the delicious details about her unique, dipped chocolate creations.

Since 2017, Dipped Sweets, LLC has been providing delicious sweets for any occasion across the Tri-State area. Their business specializes in treats that are equally aesthetically pleasing and tasty. 

Over the years, Dipped Sweets, LLC has perfected their craft to match any taste bud for all occasions. “We use rich milk chocolate-white or dark for each sweet,” says Dipped Sweets founder and owner Tiana Bailey. “We are proud of the incredible creativity, variation, color coordination and topping that spans across our products.” It was their perfectly dipped creations that led to the company’s name, Dipped Sweets.

The company offers a variety of chocolate-dipped sweets including pretzels, Oreos, cake pops, strawberries, and candy apples. To top it off, customers can choose from options such as Oreo crunch, nuts, graham cracker crumble – just to name a few. “Our sweets company has been set apart since the beginning because of our creative spin,” says Bailey. “We offer smash hearts, strawberry towers, and delicious seasonal cocoa bombs that are very popular among our customers. I am sure to add an extra touch of creativity through decorations and style as well.”

For special events, such as graduation or baby showers, Dipped Sweets, LLC not only has dipped treats, but a whole spread of color-coordinating candy.” How can you get a taste of the action? Dipped Sweets, LLC can be enjoyed during various events, craft shows, holidays, gatherings, or by placing a personal order directly. The company offers vegan and sugar-free sweets for customers. 

While Dipped Sweets, LLC offers many yummy options, a crowd favorite remains to be chocolate covered strawberries. Let’s explore the creation step-by-step process:

1. Pick the freshest, ripest strawberries. 
2. Soak the strawberries in apple cider vinegar and water to remove all pesticides and toxins.
3. Rinse berries in cold water and air dry. 
4. Heat up the chocolate and temper to ensure the strawberries have a smooth, glossy glow. 
5. Dip the strawberries and decorate. 
6. Enjoy!

“Seeing the excitement on my customer’s faces when they receive their goodies is the most rewarding part of the business,” says Bailey. “I have regular customers who order from us each month – they are the heartbeat. The love and support that this community has given me has been nothing less than heartwarming.”

Each year, Dipped Sweets, LLC chooses to give back to the community by offering free sweets to customers during their customer appreciation month. Throughout 2020, Dipped Sweets has provided many small business and families gift cards. During this unpresented time, sweets can always be of comfort.

To stay connected with Dipped Sweets, LLC, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. It is on Facebook where customers can view the latest creations cooking up. You can also email them at dippedsweets01@gmail.com.

Hattie Martin is an editorial intern at Cincy Chic. She attends University of Cincinnati, majoring in Public Relations and Fashion Studies, complimented with a Creative Writing Certificate. When she is not found writing, you can find her at your local coffee shop or spending time in her hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky. Contact her at hmartin@cincychic.com.