Entrepreneurs: From Stuck to Unstoppable

Entrepreneurs: From Stuck to Unstoppable

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Business ownership is never easy, especially not lately. Feel like you’re stalling out, stuck and ready to quit? Our life coach columnist has some motivating advice.

Are you a woman with drive, who owns or operates a business, with big goals and dreams, and yet feels as though you are stalling out, stuck and ready to quit?
Sound familiar? Let’s unlock your feeling of stuckness and move you to unstoppable.

Feeling stuck can often arise at times when you are gearing up and ready to grow and expand your business. Perhaps you are going after more clients, looking for new projects, increasing social media traffic, and yet the feeling of overwhelming comes in and stops all forward progress. Ugh!

What’s happening? Let’s explore for a moment.

Whether you own a brick and mortar, run an MLM or online business, or a partner in a firm, your focus is on how to grow and be a successful business owner. When this isn’t happening fast enough or in the manner you would desire, what’s the problem?

You may have all sorts of reasons for not moving ahead as you wanted, but perhaps the big underlying obstacle is you forgot your why.

Sure, you have that deep desire to create an opportunity from a place of passion and purpose, while believing in yourself to be successful, but WHY did you say yes? What I know for sure is the one thing that can unlock your uncertainty and catapult your business to the next level is revisiting your WHY.

Why did you start your business in the first place?

Simon Sinek, author, and Tedx presenter, on Start with Why demonstrates how “why” brings great leaders to inspired action. “Many already know what and how they do something for their business but the power in WHY is the purpose for the cause or belief.”

When you forget the WHY is when you start falling into the number’s games, interruptions occur, shiny object syndrome kicks in, or perhaps you feel like quitting because of what “others” are doing is better than yours.

Flip the switch and get back to your why. Write out the story and be specific with details including emotions and feelings. Tapping back in and recalling what made you say YES.

Activating your why allows you to drop back into the passion and purpose of doing business, especially when you are feeling stalled or ready to quit, that drives you from stuck to unstoppable.

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