Eric Feigl Personal Training

Eric Feigl Personal Training

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Read about a local fitness trainer that wants to help you with muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular health and a healthy body composition.

For Eric Feigl, he’s so proud of his work, he put his name on his business. As the owner and operator of Eric Feigl Personal Training, he “does business out of the personal training studio called Mission 5 Fitness, located on the corner of Riverside Drive and Collins Avenue, two miles east of Downtown Cincinnati,” he explains. 

Mission 5 Fitness is a personal training studio. “The ‘5’ in Mission 5 Fitness stands for the five principles of fitness we strive to help our clients achieve: muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular health and a healthy body composition,” Feigl says. 

He launched the business in 2007, and has been based within Mission 5 Fitness since 2011.

The inspiration behind starting the business came after completing the Kinesiology Master’s Program at Eastern Illinois University. He wanted “to show people how strength training doesn’t have to be as complicated as parts of the fitness industry had made it,” Feigl says. “To this day, I strive to continue to show my clients that it doesn’t take complicated exercise schemes or movements to stay strong and healthy.” 

Feigl says the mission of the business is “to provide a safe and structured environment so the client can receive the benefit of strength exercise without a massive time commitment.”

His clients, Feigl says, are working professionals from the late 30s to the age of retirement. “Starting at age 30, people lose on average, three to eight percent muscle mass per decade,” he says. “Since muscle mass is important for increased metabolism, skeletal function and a wide range of other rolls in the human body, it is imperative that we maintain it as we age.” 

The services that are offered through Eric Feigl Personal Training are: One-on-one personal training, small group training, online fitness coaching and health coaching. 

Feigl defines success by the amount of people that show up to their workouts. “Too many people skip workouts because they aren’t getting what they want, they aren’t excited about exercising or don’t have a good relationship with the person they work with,” he says. “I’d like to say the people I work with are getting what they pay for, are excited to come to the gym and of course have a meaningful relationship with me.”

Feigl’s favorite part of his business is the impact that his work has on his clients. “Trainers sometimes forget that we might be someone’s only break during a client’s day,” he says. “Each appointment should be both physically and emotionally productive.”

Eric Feigl Personal Training is located at 2260 Riverside Dr, Cincinnati, 45202, Ohio. To learn more, contact via email, and follow along at InstagramTwitterLinkedInFacebook or his podcast: Fitness Candor.