EXPO to You

EXPO to You

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Ready for new experiences but don’t want to leave the house? A new concept now offers kits for on-demand experiences to the Cincinnati area.

The demand for in-home experiences and having necessities brought to your doorstep were on the rise before COVID-19, which happened to just accelerate the need for those services. To help accommodate a growing marketplace, AGAR, an experiential marketing agency headquartered in Cincinnati, launched EXPO to You.

“EXPO is a marketplace that houses a constantly rotating and increasing gallery of experience on demand,” explains Noah Beiting, Operating Manager at AGAR. “EXPO strives to provide a wide array of options for consumers, all with unique twists, that somebody can order and have delivered the next day. We focus on three areas to achieve quality execution: logistics, quality of experience, and the consumer.”

Between the growing need for services like meal kits, UberEats, and living rooms games, AGAR is hoping to fill a gap that’s been amplified this year.

“With COVID, we saw at the start of quarantine and state-wide stay-at-home orders the thirst for connection and experience had never been stronger,” says Beiting. “We knew that hosting small in-home experiences was going to be on the rise so we wanted to prove to the Greater Cincinnati area that we could offer that.”

All of the experiences from EXPO to You are different. They range from a Halloween-themed pinata party to boozy croquet, and even a full-stop backyard tailgate. 

“Our experiences include everything needed to be a rockstar host with creative prompts and items to keep guests entertained,” he says. “We have experiences designed for different sized groups, from 2 people up to 10 or more, and designed in a way that the host can be the hero, or all guests can chip in for their share of the fun.”

Beiting says EXPO to You is more than just a meal kit or a trip to the store. We’ve aggregated partners and social learnings of the last decade as a company that makes us equipped to know what consumers need to be standout hosts,” he adds. “We’ve truly combined multiple trips into a one-stop-shop marketplace. Coupled with our logistics experience, we are providing unique experiences on demand.”

To learn more about EXPO to You, visit expotoyou.com. You can also follow EXPO on Instagram

Beiting adds that they’re always looking for new partners and experience ideas, so anyone who might be interested can reach out via their contact form on the website.