Fall Together

Fall Together

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A university professor is releasing a new collection of short stories to show how the power of storytelling brings people together.

Stories bring us together. Whether they’re stories that intertwine or stories that bring together different groups of people, stories are uniting in what they can do.

Sarah Strickley is launching her own short story collection, Fall Together

“Each story is a re-telling of some kind,” she says. “Some stories re-tell other stories, some re-tell other forms of storytelling: a country song, a newspaper headline, etc.”

Strickley’s experience in storytelling comes from her professional and educational careers. Currently she teaches creative writing at the University of Louisville. “I earned my PhD at the University of Cincinnati and my MFA at the University of Iowa,” she explains.”I joined the creative writing department at UofL about 5 years ago and I am faculty editor of our online literary journal, Miracle Monocle.”

When it comes to her short story collection Fall Together, Strickley says that she feels the book offers a unique level of variety on the formal and thematic levels. “No two stories are the same,” she says. 

The classes that Strickley teaches at the University of Louisville work through several genres of literature, writing, and discussing published work in addition to the students’ own pieces. “The idea is to learn by doing and to learn from each other,” she adds.

While the students in her courses are typically enrolled at the University of Louisville, Strickley does offer the public an opportunity to learn with her via the Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

“It’s a great chance to choose a course that matches your needs and sensibilities and anyone is welcome to enroll,” says Strickley.

In addition to Fall Together and the courses she offers as a university professor, Strickley says that she has a new novella coming out this winter called Sister.

To learn more about Strickley, visit www.sarahannestrickley.com