Fill Your Cup

Fill Your Cup

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The holiday season is here and our life coach is sharing how you can fill your own cup in a year that's been anything but normal.

Ready or not! The holidays are now upon us. Thanksgiving is in a few days. But the energy and excitement this year isn’t as strong as years past. 

This is the time of year when you celebrate and spend time with family, friends, co-workers and new acquaintance in homes, restaurants, and party venues. But this year it’s mostly virtual. 

To be honest with you it just doesn’t have the same energy and high vibe like it does when you see someone in person and can give them a big hug and just be in the presence of others.

Having just conducted the Growing Through Gratitude webinar and talking about the different ways that you can expand on your gratitude practice by using the deeper why method, an evidence journal, and the pay it forward practice what a perfect time for you to really lean in and do the things that bring you joy.

We’re so busy taking care of others and their needs that sometimes you forget yourself in all the responsibilities and distractions. And emotionally that can be exhausting.

Start with YOU. Plan sometime fun that only you will enjoy. What’s your favorite movie, what book have you been anxiously awaiting to read, update your music playlist, light some candles.  

What about buying a new nightgown, even bra and panties, or your favorite scent for bath salts. 

It’s time that you step back into taking care of you.  Doing those little things will recharge you and bring joy. 

Even if it’s going in the kitchen and whipping up a big batch of pancakes, or my favorite French toast, even if you no longer eat carbs, go for it, unapologetically.  Enjoy every bit and savor the flavor.  

Ignite inside of you again what’s been missing. Turn inward and find the magic. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Live your best life now in this moment in time.