Findlay Market’s New Gift Certificate Program

Findlay Market’s New Gift Certificate Program

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While restrictions keep the market from being its usual shoulder-to-shoulder shopping, it launched a new, creative way to shop and support its local merchants.

Located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Findlay Market has been offering fresh food and locally sourced products to our Cincinnati community since 1852. It’s home to 50 full-time independent businesses and 75 part-time vendors. While Findlay Market may not be filled with customers physically during this unprecedented time, they did just launch a new gift certificate program as a new way to support the merchants from home. 

“The inspiration behind our gift certificate program came from us looking for creative solutions to help merchants during this time,” says Findlay Market’s Director of Communications, Kelly Lanser. “We are still operating, and each business is adapting to the current environment in many different ways. This is a really opportune time to rally together and stand behind the ones who have served us for so long.”

There are over 50 full-time, independently-owned businesses customers have to choose from. Cincinnati favorites from Eli’s BBQ, Taste of Belgium, Harvest Pizzaria and many more are on the list. All of the funds from the gift certificate purchase go directly back to the merchants.

Findlay Market also offers grocery store products and fresh produce, with a sourcing line smaller than big box stores since the merchants work directly with the farmers.

“Shopping local during this time is of the utmost importance. The majority of the individuals that stand behind the counters in Findlay Market are the owners and this is their livelihood. They do not clock in and out,” says Lanser. “It is right now that we support the men and women who have created these businesses that we have all come to love. Their paycheck comes from the support of the Cincinnati community. It has truly been an outpouring of love and support so far and our merchants are feeling it. People are writing notes, changing shopping habits, and now can support in a new way with the gift certificate program.”

Gift certificates can be purchased by visiting Stay connected with Findlay Market on Facebook and Instagram