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Foodie Cincy

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See how you can visit and support tons of local restaurants without breaking the bank.

Want to support local restaurants, but on a budget? Need a great gift idea? Want to break out of your restaurant rut and try some new places? Foodie Cincy might be just what you’re looking for.

“Foodie Cincy is a deck of cards, but not just any deck of cards. 2021 Foodie Cincy deck consists of 48 of Cincinnati’s best chef-driven, locally-owned restaurants with each card representing a restaurant,” Gina Barrera, Owner of Foodie Cincy, says. “Each card is $5 or $10 off at the restaurant (with a minimum purchase required) and the card also displays info about the restaurant.”

The deck offers: “$5 or $10 off your food purchase (not tax, tip or alcohol) at 48 local/independent restaurants,” she says. “A unique gift for yourself or a loved one that serves as a guidebook for all the restaurants you should visit in the Cincinnati region. A real incentive for people who need ideas on great restaurants in town to visit. Please see website for more info.”

2021’s deck is the eighth annual deck. Barrera and her husband, Brian Tucker, work on the deck together. “The restaurants included are able to choose to sell decks, if they wish for 50 percent of the profits,” she says. 

The inspiration behind starting the deck came from a desire to support businesses in Cincinnati. “We know how important it is to support small businesses and we love Cincinnati, dining out and supporting local businesses,” Barrera says. “We are entrepreneurs and have a couple of other small businesses that keep us busy, creatively and professionally, and this business fits well within our life and our values.”

With Foodie Cincy, the business defines success by seeing their customers get excited about getting their new decks. “Success is when the deck is released every year and we have happy customers who are excited about supporting local restaurants and saving money. It’s also when we have happy restaurants that are looking for ways to bring people in the door and who participate in the deck, but also know we aren’t going to go crazy and release too many decks on the market where it will flood them in a negative way, we are very conscious of that,” Barrera says. “Brian and I are very simple when it comes to business. We, of course, want to succeed, but we also feel that it’s very important to have a work/life balance to raise our kids and enjoy our time here, so as long as there are happy customers, restaurants and some profit, we’re succeeding.”

The vision for Foodie Cincy is “to continue to support local/independent restaurants every year by spreading the word and getting more folks in the doors of these places or in the case of the pandemic, also ordering more carry out from these establishments… 22+ of the 48 restaurants in the 2021 deck are offering the discount on carry out or delivery orders, as well as dine in, for those who are open for dine in. Please see the CO-VID 19 page on our website for more details,” she says.

Foodie Cincy is a great gift for the holidays. “At a very reasonable price point, it’s the perfect gift for those who love dining out or supporting local businesses. It’s also the perfect and unique gift for someone who already has everything. It’s an ideal stocking stuffer or secret santa present too,” Barrera says. “It will give the recipient something to look forward to as the deck can be used from now until 12/31/2021.” It’s also great for the community because they “donate a portion of every deck sold to the Freestore Foodbank,” she says.

Barerra’s favorite part of her job is the fact that her and her husband truly believe in the product. “We really believe in what we do and don’t take a day for granted,” she says. “We are very grateful to have this little business of ours and support those we can in some small way.”

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