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Forage Plants

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Read on to learn about a popular plant shop expanding soon to the Cincinnati area.

Have a green thumb? Struggle to keep a succulents alive? No matter your plant prowess, Forage has a new store coming to town just for you.

“Forage is an interior houseplant shop with locations in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, Denver, Colorado and soon to be Cincinnati, Ohio,” says Jamie Fairman, Owner and Founder of Forage. “Forage is typically used to gather and find. And that is exactly what you can do here.”

It started in Louisville, but has expanded to multiple locations and is soon coming to the Cincinnati area. Currently, there are 14 people working for Forage and the number is growing.

The business started with a passion for plants. “Forage started from a personal love of houseplants and eventually turned into a little brick and mortar, which turned into four,” Fairman says. The name of the business came from “the creation of wanting something that tied the earth and people together,” she explains. 

There are a variety of different services offered through Forage. “We offer a wide offering of houseplants for every level of caretaker, as well as a vast selection of unique ceramics from small makers all around the world,” she says. “We also provide a handful of services to our customers, including potting services (which are complimentary with purchase), plant doctoring service- we will assess, prune, repot and give detailed prescriptions of the diagnosis and after-care of plants and we also offer plant staking services as well.”

There are different ways that Forage define success. One is “through growing an amazing staff of individuals,” Fairmansays “My dream with this business is to grow people just like you would grow plants. I also measure it by the amount of good that we can contribute to our communities. Being involved in the community around us and using our outreach is truly important to us!”

The mission of the business is “to create a space where plants and the people that take care of them can thrive,” she says. 

Forage is unique because of their values. There are four different ones:

• Education: “We have become plant experts so that we can educate and inform our customers,” Fairman says. “We’re always researching, learning and sharing! We want to instill plant confidence in every plant parent.”
• Community: “Forage is welcome to all. There is always room on our in-store couches and in our online communities for plant lovers of all kinds,” she says. “We strive to provide opportunities for our customers to interact with and with each other.”
• Environment: Their goal is “creating a peaceful, beautiful environment where plants flourish and people can enjoy them is incredibly important to us,” Fairman says. 
• Sustainability: “Forage is committed to doing this as sustainably as possible- recycling always, reducing when we can and reusing at every opportunity,” she says.

Community is also important to Forage. “We truly believe in not only being an inclusive environment, but also playing active roles for the betterment of our communities. But we also believe that our communities are just as important to us,” Fairman says. “We have made activism and charity at the forefront of our business by participating in social justice reform, donating to our communities and encouraging others in our communities to partake in charities through our charity weekends.”

Fairman’s favorite part of the job is the people. “The people that work here are amazing and our customers are truly just incredible humans. I feel lucky,” she says.

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