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Form+Function Movement Lab

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Learn about the local experts that teamed up to offer a new approach to helping you get your form and function back.

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Form+Function Movement Lab has an interdisciplinary approach to getting people moving again.

“Form+Function Movement Lab is a concept that combines the best techniques and tools from chiropractic care, physical therapy, strength training and recovery science,” says Dr. Erik Nabi, Licensed Chiropractor and Certified in Exercise Training. “It’s a place where people can learn how to solve their pain/movement problems and also, train one-on-one with our staff to enhance movement awareness.”

There are two locations for the business. The primary location is in Columbia-Tusculum at: 3913 Eastern Avenue. They have a recovery lab. “A recovery studio where people can receive state of the art passive therapies and learn how to use self-mobility tools (such as massage guns, foam rollers, instrument- assisted soft tissue mobilization, etc.), so they take better care of themselves at home,” Nabi says. The second location is in Blue Ash and is in collaboration with Beat Personal Training. “We opened this office to reach a wider demographic of the Cincinnati region and we did so with Beat because we admire their mindful approach to exercise and nutrition.”

Being around for almost two years, there are currently three employees, Dr. Taylor Swint, their Physical Therapist, Coach Nate Grigsby, their Functional Movement Coach and Nabi.

The inspiration behind starting the Form+Function Movement Lab came from flaws in the rehab industry as a whole.. “Chiropractic offices are notorious for creating client dependency on their care by offering short appointments and ‘quick fix’ remedies that do not educate and help problem-solve the root cause of patient issues, Also, conventional physical therapy is largely underwhelming and fails to offer specific care and progression/integration of the physical therapy that tailors to the individual needs of the patient,” she says. “Thus, I started Form+Function Movement Lab, which is a clinic/gym hybrid model where clients spend more one-on-one time with the doctor, receive very specific care that educates them on how to improve their pain and limitations, enhanced compliance follow-up with app/web-based video programming that progresses every session and direct contact with their doctor through ourapp and phone systems. Our mission is to move the rehab industry forward by providing the care people deserve, as well as empowering them to own their therapy so they are not dependent on us for care and relief.”

The name of the business came from a desire to transform the way clinics are named. They are “typically named after the town of location or name of head doctor. I wanted the name to draw people towards the philosophy we embody,” Nabi says. “Thus, ‘Form+Function embodies the concept of active movement care (patient education and active rehab). ‘Movement Lab’ came from my history as a cancer researcher, prior to becoming a Chiropractor. I worked in a lab where we did in vitro experimentation on populations of prostate cancer cells. ‘Movement Lab’ embodies the experimentation of problem-solving of a person’s movement.”

The Form+Function Movement Lab provides three main toolboxes and they include:

• Doctor: “Consists of dry needling, myofascial release therapy, chiropractic joint manipulation, various soft tissue therapies (vibration/percussion, cupping, instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy ‘IASTM’), active rehabilitation approaches (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization ‘DNS,’ Pelvic Floor Specific Rehabilitation Therapy, McKEnzieTherapy),” she says.
• Movement Coaching: “Consists of basic exercise fundamentals and progressions, barbell coaching for powerlifting and Olympic lifting, kettlebell and dumbbell coaching, callisthenic/body control exercise development (push-ups, planks, inversions, pull-ups, etc.),” Nabi says
• Passive Recovery: “Consists of red light/near-infrared therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, pneumatic compression therapy for fluid movement and muscle recovery of both arms/legs,” he says. 

Form+Function Movement Lab offers a space that’s designed to be personalized which, in a COVID world, means distance and safety for clients. “[We have] very low client-volume/traffic and always one-on-one between provider and client,” Nabi says. “The biggest impacts have been raised business costs to improve our sanitization and client separation standards.” They also have no CO-VID 19 cases at their facility. “However, we have had many, many rescheduled clients due to positive COVID contact tracing and/or testing,” he says. “This has impacted our client volume, especially as things have ramped up over the past month. Clients have to quarantine two weeks prior to returning to our building following a positive test.”

Form+Function Movement Lab defines success by helping their clients to better their health. “My favorite thing to hear (which keeps the fire burning for me) is when clients say, ‘I’ve seen multiple chiros/ PTs and never had these results. This is because we listen and take the time to understand what people care about in their life and their goals,” Nabi says. “Then, we take the time to teach people skills/movements/self-care strategies that reflect their goals specifically. It’s so simple, but so many doctors miss this because they don’t take the time to sit and listen.”

He wants the facility to be a “rehab powerhouse” in Cincinnati. “My vision is to build a business that provides the best possible care to human beings in our community. Teaching them that they are not broken people and they are capable of living strong, high quality lives,” Nabi says. “I want to become an educational machine for young doctors. I want to grow Form+Function by bringing in enthusiastic young doctors and helping them become exceptional providers so we can help a larger percentage of our community.”

Their mission is to provide top notch education. They want to “provide exceptional healthcare and self-care education to change people’s lives and do so in a way that breeds independence and self-reliance,” he says. “You deserve the opportunity to learn how to manage your own pain problems and become your strongest self.”

His favorite part of the job is “having people see progress and feel relief when they have lost hope and confidence in our medical system,” Nabi says. “I love the ‘aha’ moments when people connect with some movement or awareness that relieves their problem and they are able to do it on their own without me touching them or cuing them.”

Form+Function Movement Lab is different because their whole staff is passionate about the mission of the business. “We care more about helping people than money, which is a true rarity in our industry,” he says, 

If you want to keep up with what Form+Function Movement Lab is doing, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website, which is where you can follow their newsletter. “We send content-heavy, high value newsletters that are worth a spot in your inbox,” Nabi says.