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Our life coach columnist talks about friendships — making the best connections and how to maintain the relationships healthiest for you.

Connection! We all have a strong desire to be connected, included, a part of something — and friendships are no different.

The relationship girls create starts early in life and if you’re lucky it will last well into your adult years. Also, there are girlfriends who can and may be seasonal in your life.  

What if girlfriends aren’t your thing or simply don’t have anyone you can call friend?

Seek and you shall find.

Finding others to develop a friendship with can come at any given moment.  When attending meeting and events if someone you are around brings you joy, raises your energy level, and has value in conversation, perhaps that person is someone you want to begin nurturing a friendship. Inviting them to coffee or lunch to have conversation which can open the door to a new friendship.

If it’s someone that gossips, complains, gives off a negative energy then this probably isn’t someone whom you want to build a friendship.

You get to decide.

For those who have girlfriends be sure they are still offering value in your life.  It’s okay if you have outgrown the relationship.  It might be time to start pruning away those who do not serve in a higher way or it could be time to start nurturing those relationships even deeper.  

Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Be sure to consider this with your friendships.  Look at the top five “girlfriends” you spend time with and ask yourself if they still bring you joy.

Most importantly, when you engage in the relationship be sure and be nurturing, caring, give-and-take, love, and lots of laughter, all while cherishing every moment. That’s all!

Sending you love and light,