Funky’s Catering Holiday Boxes

Funky’s Catering Holiday Boxes

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While holiday meals might look a little different this year, a local catering company created a delicious way to send your love.

The story of Funky’s Catering dates back to 2004 when Michael “Funky” Forgus took his more than 30 years of restaurant and fine dining experience and moved into the special event industry.

The goal of launching Funky’s Catering was to change the landscape of catering in Cincinnati.

“We believe that breaking bread with someone is about so much more than the bread,” the Funky’s website states. “We were the first in the city to exclusively offer private tastings. These have been a key factor in our success, because it is during these dedicated one-on-one times that we get to know our clients and they get to know us.” 

In the midst of a pandemic, however, dining experiences are once again changing. 

To accommodate the holidays and keep customers safe, Funky’s is offering a variety of gourmet holiday gift boxes. 

The boxes, says Forgus, were inspired by the innovation and creativity that’s been forced by 2020. 

“We are a national leader in the safe return of weddings and catered events,” says Forgus. “We created and continue to offer curbside and delivered fine dining meals, including family packages for November and December holidays. We’re rethinking and customizing holiday corporate parties, and we created Funky’s Holiday Gift Boxes. While these gift boxes feature world-class taste, each gift box is house made locally – and they’re a smart way to support your local food industry.”

Their gourmet holiday gift boxes include the Funky’s Charcuterie Holiday Gift Box, Funky’s Pantry Box, and Funky’s Seasonal Sweets Gift Box.

In the Funky’s Charcuterie Holiday Gift Box you’ll find: Bellavitano Merlot Cheese, Bellavitano Gold Cheese, Olli Sliced Sopressata, Black Kassel Black Pepper Salami, Busseto Spicy Dried Chorizo, Date and Fig Jam, Assorted Roasted Nuts, and Jacobs Assorted Crackers.

The Funky’s Pantry Box includes: 16oz jar of house marinara, a 16oz jar of roasted tomato salsa, house-made local honey whole grain mustard, seasonal roasted nuts, pomegranate white balsamic vinegar, and Funky’s custom grilling rub. 

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with the Funky’s Seasonal Sweets Gift Box which includes: Ohio spiced maple syrup, Buckeye popcorn, fig and date jam, hot chocolate mix, gourmet chocolate covered pretzels, grandma’s candy dish, and ancient grain pancake mix.

The holiday gift boxes range in price from $40-$55.

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