Future Miss President 

Future Miss President 

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Inspire your littles to grow up and be anything they want - even a future President!

Today, you can be anything you want, even a future female president. 

That’s the message Ohio-based author S.R.D. Harris is portraying with her new children’s book “Future Miss President.” 

“‘Future Miss President’ is a book inspired by this past election and our first female Vice President,” says Harris.

The book, she says, features a minority girl with a positive message of hope, inspiration, and dreaming.

“It was really important to us to have very beautiful illustrations, and also send positive message that can resonate with people of all ages,” she says.

To boost the aspirations of those who read the book, Harris says the book offers daily affirmations thought the book to help make it even more unique.

“Children and adults can recite the affirmations to encourage themselves, and build their self-esteem, on a daily basis,” she says. “We know how hard peer pressure can be, so we wanted to include a useful tool to inspire greatness in children. The book inspires children of all ages to dream really big dreams!”

Harris, as a mother to three girls, wanted to create and publish stories that kids can relate to, learn from, and grow their love for reading.

We chose to establish S.R.D. Harris Books, LLC to self-publish our books, so they could get to market quickly and into the hands of readers all over the world,” she says. “We are able to partner with schools, children’s groups and charities to spread a positive message very quickly.”

“Future Miss President” has been a hit with parents, educators, and readers since its release. 

We have adopted classrooms at Tussing Elementary and Windsor STEM Academy [in Columbus], where we donate signed copies of the book for each student, as well as their school library,” says Harris. “We have also donated books to Bexley Schools, The Mansion Day School, IPromise School in Akron, and Pickerington Public Libraries.” 

Harris says she has a total of 5 children’s books to be published this year and with painters with CHA Animal Shelter to publish a book about a rescue puppy named Gracie. 

“The book will teach children compassion towards animals and others, and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to CHA, so that they can continue to rescue animals and find them loving homes,” she says.  

You can find signed copies of “Future Miss President” on her website or at many Columbus-area bookstores including Prologue Bookshop, Gramercy Books Bexley, Ice Cream Rollery Reynoldsburg, and Donna’s Delicious Dozen in Gahanna. You can also buy her e-book on Amazon.