Garden of Eten’s Elderberry Syrup

Garden of Eten’s Elderberry Syrup

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See how one local woman is making it easier (and tastier) to naturally build your immunity and feel your best.

One local woman is making it easier (and tastier) to naturally build your immunity. 

“Garden of Eten is a herbalism company and community. We provide products and information to help put your health back into your own hands,” Rachel Eten, Owner of Garden of Eten, says. “Our products use the balancing power of nature to give you the tools you need to help you live a full and whole life.”

Garden of Eten has a product called Elderberry Syrup. “Elderberry Syrup is a delicious honey-based herbal infusion that has been used for hundreds of years to help fight colds and flus, as well as seasonal allergies,” she says. 

Elderberries have been scientifically proven to help boost your immune system. “Elderberries come from the elder plant, which grows all over North America, as well as in other parts of the world. The berries have been used for hundreds of years to make syrups, pie, wine and other delectable treats,” Eten says. “It just so happens that these tiny berries are packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants and many other vitamins and nutrients.” 

There are a variety of ingredients in the syrup. “We use a gorgeous local raw wildflower honey that we infuse with cinnamon, clove, orange peel, rosemary and eucalyptus, organic elderberries that have been cooked low and slow with purified water in a batch kettle to preserve their nutrients,” Eten says. “We then top it off with a shot of freshly juiced organic, raw ginger root juice.”

Eten started making the Elderberry Syrup in her home during the winter of 2018-2019. “News got around fast and soon I was getting calls and messages on Facebook from people placing orders,” she says. “As the demand grew, I decided to make the plunge into the entrepreneurial life and officially began selling to retailers at the end of 2019.” Now “We produce our productsat the Incubator Kitchen Collective in Newport, Kentucky. 

The inspiration behind creating the Elderberry Syrup came from wanting to have creative and fun ways to keep Eten’s family healthy. “It may be hard to make your husband or kid eat an orange every day or remember to take their vitamins, but I found an elderberry was something they would ask for. It’s basically a yummy way to give our immune systems a boost during cold and flu season. Little did I know, it also helped us with our seasonal allergies,” she says. 

The Elderberry Syrup is unique because they took the most difficult route to create it. They use “the best equipment, the safest packaging, we never rush our recipe at the price of our ingredients. We cook our elderberries in a small batch kettle for hours before we start,” Eten says. “We also never allow our honey to be heated in fear of losing its important properties. We take the time to infuse the honey and juice our organic raw ginger root using a top of the line cold press juicer.”

The product is important for the community. “Garden of Etenhelps many connect with their local plant allies, as well as providing information on our Facebook group to help people reach their natural health goals. I love when customers tell me they started making their own elderberry syrup, that’s the point,” she says. “I want people tp realize that a more natural life isn’t just for people living on a farm. I want my products and Facebook group to be a jumping off point, as well as something they can continuously come back to as they go on their natural journey.”

With this product, Eten defines success with the Elderberry Syrup by the testimonials that she gets from customers. ”I’ve had customers write to me who have struggled with seasonal allergies their whole life who have found relief after taking the syrup daily. A lot of customers claim they are getting sick less and for a smaller amount of time,” Eten says. “Our Elderberry Syrup is cherished by so many, from teachers, nurses, lawyers, yoga instructors, flight attendants and stay-at-home moms, since it’s such a versatile product. That’s really why I love making the syrup.” People can get the Elderberry Syrup at a variety of places, including: Root Juicery and Kitchen, Susan’s Natural World, Performance Chiropractic and Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. “We are still waiting for several of our retail locations to reopen from CDC mandates. We also have some more locations launching over the summer, so stay tuned.”

Garden of Eten offers other products, beside the Elderberry Syrup. “We offer Drunken botanicals that are an organic, alcohol-based herbal infusion. Drunken botanicals are mostly single herb infusions, which can be used for what the plant is known to help aid (inflammation, seasonal allergies and relaxation). They can also be used for cooking or cocktails,” she says. “We have our Sober botanicals, which are an organic, glycerin infusion. Currently, we have Flower Child, which was inspired by my toddler son to help him ease the terrible part of terrible two’s and he’s obsessed with the yummy taste! We also have our skincare line with an Herbal Salve, Bruise Blend Roller and our Wild Violet Toner.” You can get the Skincare andBotanicals on the Garden of Eten website.

People can keep up with what’s going on with the business on InstagramFacebook and join their private Facebook group, “To keep up on fun health tips, science and natural food info,” she says.