Get Out of Your Own Way

Get Out of Your Own Way

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Limiting beliefs are holding you back. Our life coach columnist explains how to remove those restraints, and finally be free to dream and achieve.

What if you knew for sure that you could create anything for yourself IF you are willing to get out of your own way? And if you got out of your own way you could create what you desire with ease and flow? Would you say “Yes, please!?!”

Interesting enough, you can! It all begins when you can get out of your own way (listening to the head talk with the why you can’t) and really drop into your feelings (your heart space that expands knowing that you CAN).  Aligning yourself with your heart and feelings, while quieting the voice in the head, is where you can energetically create the life you want by design with ease and flow.

Working with my clients, I hear it all the time.  The constant repeating of a story of “what they know to be true” as to why they can’t because that is how it is.  

Those stories are called limiting beliefs and will show up all the time just to remind you to stay in your lane of “comfort” and believe that what you have is what you’ll always have – and nothing more.

The best way to move out of your story and level up to your next version of YOU is to plug into those who have gone before you.  Learn from those who paved the way.  Oprah, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods (just to name a few) – all started life’s journey as we did, putting their pants on one leg at a time, and they had a vision so big, nothing was going to stop them.  

Getting there isn’t always easy, unless you can see it so clear in your mind’s eye and feel it deeply in your heart, that any setback or plot twist won’t stop you from moving forward until you get to where you desire.

Let me remind you when you were a newborn, then a two-year old, to a teen, and now an adult – that definitely wasn’t an easy path but you showed up every day and continued to believe in yourself and what was possible. Nothing stopped you. You persevered and continued to grow and achieve endless goals every step of the way.

From this place, keep your vision strong, don’t lose sight. Be confident in yourself and get support.  Believe you are ready for what’s next, don’t delay. Go after it! No more limiting beliefs – get out of your own way. 

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