Go Within to Find the Peace

Go Within to Find the Peace

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Just as the foliage moves into a quieter time to prepare for a fruitful year ahead, our life coach columnist suggests ways for you to do the same.

Welcome November. Fall is upon us and the calendar is winding down with only two months of 2020 left. It’s been a year full of challenges, uncertainty, stretching, and life interrupted – your new reality. 

This time of year, one of my favorites, with the cooler nights, cozy sweaters, and the changing foliage, all reminding us to move into the next season of life with grace, trusting you will use this time of hibernation to align with what’s next. 

You may be asking, “how can one align with what’s next?” when there are so many distractions from social media, television, conversations, and uncertainty that it becomes to challenging to find the inner peace.

Leaning into what’s next begins with eliminating distractions and quieting the mind so you can listen. Going within to find the peace begins with the quieter you become the more you can hear.

One way that can help you is to journal.  I know it isn’t always something we want to do but the magic behind the pen is powerful. Journaling can help you with connecting to your own thoughts, beliefs, and truths, without all the judgement and chaos, because it comes from your higher self.  

Here’s a way that might help you to start.

Open your journal and don’t write what you think you want to write, like a story, but allow the pen to take control. Ask the question “what do I need to know about _____”, pause, and then write what you hear. It may not make any sense at first but keep writing. Let it flow. 

When you pause ask the question again and keep asking until you have nothing more to write. 

This practice takes time and ongoing is best. Use it to build the muscle in listening to your higher self to create a deeper connection and to enhance your knowingness or intuition. 

It can be a game changer for managing and dealing with situations that have you stuck, confused, concerned, or even mad. Tapping into your own thoughts and understanding allows for a foundation to be created for finding the inner peace to knowing that all is well.

Give it a try. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Have fun. And no judgement of right/wrong. It’s all good! 

Here’s to creating the life you deserve! Melissa