Going Green

Going Green

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Our life coach shares how you can go green in more than one way.

Go GREEN! An environmental decision to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Have you ever stopped to consider that your thoughts, actions, and past could go green? Here’s a technique that I use for myself and my clients.  

Close your eyes and think about the event, situation, or circumstance that you no longer want to disappoint, discourage, or even haunt you.  With your eyes close, imagine a big theater screen and you are in the theater seats holding the popcorn and ready to watch the story. Put on your 3D glasses to protect you from slipping back into the story as a character. You are only an observer. No emotions will come from the viewing. You are safe. 

Now let’s begin the “go green” process.

While in the movie theater, with your protective 3D glasses on, recall what you want to release from this event. Be specific and clear of why you want this story to stop coming up in your thoughts. 

Perhaps it triggers you with pain and discomfort when you recall the event you want to release that feeling.

Maybe you find you are replaying the event often wishing you could go back and change the outcome but it’s not possible, so you want to let it go.

Or it was so long ago you want to just stop thinking about it.

Whatever you decide, take a deep breath, exhale, and look at the scene and say: 

 “I now release “this story” to the Universe to be reduced, reused, and recycled over time and space. The story no longer serves me, and I am willing to release it with ease. I am safe.” Then laugh to shift the old energy and invite in the new energy.

Repeat the process until you feel you are no longer triggered by the event, situation, or circumstance. Note this may take some additional practice but as you become more aware of how to release what no longer serves you the process will become easier and easier.

Once you feel you are complete with the process, take off your 3D glasses, turn off the theater screen, and leave your seat by opening your eyes. When the thoughts sneak back in just remember and say, “I am safe.” 

You deserve to live your best life,