Grounded at Home 

Grounded at Home 

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Being grounded at home takes on a whole new meaning as an adult. Our life coach explains how to use this extra homebound time for growth and realignment.

One thing I know for sure that being in quarantine you sure get to spend an extra amount of time in your home. Discovering things that you no longer like in your home, or finding the cobwebs that you’ve overlooked for some time, all you can do is just embrace the life of being within your home.

What does it look like when you find yourself stuck at home? The freedom to not go out, to not be engaging with others like you once did, and even having to work from home?

Although it feels like a big struggle with the transition, because change is always difficult especially when you don’t expect it, I often find the balance comes when you can really embrace what is.

When I think about coming home, or being at home, I think about grounding myself inside of my body.

This was something I learned a long time ago not realizing how out of my body I lived my life. When I learned to calm my thoughts and be still I could bring back all those pieces that were “out there” and move them into a safe space that is within my heart. 

Your mind runs the show so often and you follow it without resistance. But when you begin to realize that your heart is the one that really has all the answers, and knows what’s best, it will allow your mind to quiet so that that feeling inside of yourself allows you to make those better decisions, feel good about yourself, and just live in the happiness, most joyful way that is available for you.

Don’t ever limit yourself to what you can achieve in your lifetime. Knowing that everything is working out to your highest good and that all things happen in divine timing will lead the way. 

So get grounded. Allow yourself to be still to quiet the mind and go within your heart space and see what you find. As it was said in the Wizard of Oz by Dorothy “there’s no place like home!”

Sending Love & Light,