Harvest Celebration

Harvest Celebration

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    Shop local one bite at a time for your Thanksgiving this year thanks to a long-standing tradition in Hyde Park known as the Harvest Celebration. See how you can support local farmers and artisans with this upcoming market.

    Times may be unprecedented, but the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market Harvest Celebration is continuing on with tradition, in the safest way. 

    Also known as Turkey Tuesday, the Harvest Celebration is a traditional farmers’ market but with a focus on the Thanksgiving weekend. 

    “Farmers and food artisans will curate their offerings to enable shoppers to have easy access to local food for their Thanksgiving table and holiday weekend,” says Hyde Park Farmers’ Market’s General Manager Liz Stites. “Buy with confidence from local farmers and food artisans knowing that Hyde Park Farmers’ Market vendors adhere to rigorous, regenerative, and humane farming practices and responsible production standards.”

    The story behind the Harvest Celebration, hosted by Hyde Park Farmers’ Market and endorsed by Green Umbrella, started when regional farmers delivered their freshly processed, pasture-raised turkeys on a Hyde Park neighborhood side street the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

    “That morning, turkeys were rounded up on the farm and driven to the processor,” says Stites. “By that evening those turkeys had been delivered to eager cooks and were ready to be the centerpiece of Thursday’s meal.”

    With the help of Hyde Park Farmers’ Market, the event now enables fresh turkeys plus many other regionally grown and produced meal ingredients to be delivered in a pop-up farmers’ market on Hyde Park Square. 

    However, Stites says that this year all turkeys will be frozen for the 2020 Harvest Celebration due to COVID-19.

    When you visit the Harvest Celebration, you’ll find that the event offers all that the regional food system has to share for the upcoming holiday including pre-ordered whole turkeys and other pastured meats; fresh, seasonal produce; food artisan delights; flowers, holiday arrangements, and holiday decor; and hostess gifts.

    This unique celebration is the only regional farmers’ market focused solely on Thanksgiving and the weekend to follow. “In the spirit of the holiday, the market is designed to enable Greater Cincinnati families to enjoy the bounty of our regional food system,” adds Stites.

    While many are looking forward to the idea of attending the Harvest Celebration, the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market is working to offer guests a safe shopping experience. “The market appreciates patrons’ ongoing support and cooperation during the COVID pandemic,” she says. “The market’s COVID protocols are based on requirements and best practices from local, state, and federal authorities. Proper placement of masks and social distancing is required at all times while at the market.”

    This year’s Harvest Celebration will take place on November 24 from 6:30-8:30pm on Hyde Park Square. New for this year’s event includes new vendor Pavel’s Garden.

    “Pavel’s Garden is a family-run market garden in Oldham County, Kentucky, that cultivates year-round utilizing sustainable growing methods to produce the healthiest food possible,” says Stites. 

    Additionally, the event is starting later this year in order to accommodate rush hour traffic. 

    To learn more about the Harvest Celebration, click here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram