Healthy Hangout

Healthy Hangout

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Health and community come together at a Northern Kentucky hot spot for all things healthy.

A local lady’s personal journey through weigh loss, health and wellness inspired a new business.

Healthy Hangout is health and nutrition business based in the Florence area that wants to promote healthy living, but also a place for people to come together.  “Healthy Hangout is a Nutrition Club where people can come get a healthy meal smoothie and energy combos customized to everyone’s nutritional needs,” says Kim Blatt, Wellness Coach and Owner of Healthy Hangout. 

The business is located across from Boone County High School at: 7220 Burlington Pike, Florence, Kentucky. In November, Healthy Hangout is going to be celebrating their one-year anniversary. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from Blatt’s personal weight loss journey. “Thirteen years ago, I went from 42 percent body fat, a size 14 to an eight, in six weeks (29 percent body fat). Today, 13 years later, I am between a four and a six,” she says. “It’s amazing that after a lifetime of dieting, I found out how to use food to maintain normal body weight and muscle integrity.”

There are a variety of different services and products offered through Healthy Hangout. The business provides a Saturday morning walking club, spa parties, weight loss challenge, both on-site and these challenges take place in other businesses as a wellness program as well. “It all starts with a Wellness Profile, which guides us towards developing a meal plan to help each person hit their unique goals,” Blatt says. “We help people track changes in their body mass and learn to use fuel to increase the results of exercise and diet.” 

Other than wellness programs, they sell nutritional products to customers as well. “We offer a full line of Natural Sports Nutrition, vitamin-based energy drinks, natural metabolism boosters, immunity booster, protein-based snacks, including a wonderful protein-based coffee,” she says. “Our company (Herbalife Nutrition) uses state of the art procedures to develop the most effective combinations of herbs and botanicals.”

Healthy Hangout defines success by “helping others reach their goals, whatever that may be for them,” Blatt says. “We are focused on delivering healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks that taste amazing and since we use Herbalife products, we also love teaching people to be independent of us as well and think of healthy eating as a delicious way of life.”

To keep up with Healthy Hangout, follow on Facebook and Instagram, or call at: (859) 534-1682.