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Ever heard of ho’oponopono? Our life coach columnist explains how it may help diffuse the next time you feel triggered.

You know that moment when you’re feeling really good about yourself, you’re in a great place, and everything seems to be going really well, and then out of the blue something happens and you find yourself in a tailspin. Or perhaps you find yourself frustrated, angry, or just simply mad for no reason at all. What’s this all about? Something “triggers” you. 

Do you notice that those triggers are related to past stories or situations that you would rather NOT remember?  And they come into your mind at random times.  

The best way to overcome these triggers is to face them head-on. Give yourself permission to replay the event.  Then try using an ancient technique to help clean up those triggers, energetically, so overtime the memory subsides and often releases for good. No more unwanted triggers.

What is the technique? The ho’oponopono mantra, an antient practice dating back to 1970s.

The word ho’oponopono, is Hawaiian, and ho’o means “to make” and pono means “right” – “make it right!”.  The technique of repeating the four statements will create balance and harmony within yourselves.  —the self that is now, the self of your past, the evolving self of your present and the self of your future. The repetition goes like this: 

“I Love You” (self that is now)

“I’m Sorry” (self of your past)

“Please Forgive Me” (self of your present)

“Thank You” (self of your future)

Followed by “please heal it, please clear it, please remove it away”. 

Use this technique anytime something has surfaced in your life (a trigger) and allow the emotional attachment and physical intensity that surges throughout your body to subside by using ho’oponopono.

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To learn more about ho’oponopono with Joe Vitale visit https://youtu.be/91CdQcKkCJU