How Erin Christen Organically Grew Earthganics

How Erin Christen Organically Grew Earthganics

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A local woman‘s natural personal care product line is now in multiple retail locations with a brick-and-mortar ready to open next week. Read on to learn her secret to success.


Inside the new Earthganics Artisan Cottage, opening next week in Findlay Market

Just a handful of years ago, Erin Christen was in an unhealthy, dark place in life. Today, she’s feeling healthier than ever – personally and professionally – and her future has never been more bright.

Christen said after navigating through years of fertility issues and feeling “off” after her second child, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, MTHFR Gene Mutation,  Factor V Leiden, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. “I began working as my own advocate for bettering my endocrine system,” she recalls. “That is when I started looking at my diet and the personal care products I put on my body every day.”

Erin Christen, founder of Earthganics

Her mother made natural sunscreen, so Christen learned about the handmade personal care product development process from her. The first product she developed of her own was a natural deodorant.

“I worked hard to find the right recipe and have not looked back,” she says. “I began looking into other products that would be great and responsible for my family.”

Today, she offers a variety of products, ranging from all-natural deodorants, home and body, healing, oral care, and hand sanitizer. Products are sold online and are in more than a dozen retail locations in Greater Cincinnati. 

Erin inside her new Findlay Market location

And now, Christen is getting ready to open the Earthganics Artisan Cottage in Findlay Market. “Findlay Market will be welcoming us to their wonderful list of permanent merchants,” explains Christen. “We will be open six days a week with the market, we will be offering more eco-friendly container options, refill options, recyclable programs, and so much more.” 

What’s Christen‘s secret to success and her quick growth? She says it’s Melissa Kirkpatrick at Find Your Own DRIVE. “I attribute so much of my success over the past four years to working with my coach, Melissa. She keeps me motivated, inspired and focused. She also keeps me accountable, and channeling all my energy toward the goal we set. Once we reach that goal, we set a new one and work on reaching it,” Christen says. “I cannot believe all the growth my business has experienced since first meeting her when I was just making products in my basement. I know I wouldn’t be here without her. I highly recommend working with her if you want to make your dreams a reality, too.”

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