Jonathan Mezibov’s New Women’s Line

Jonathan Mezibov’s New Women’s Line

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A men’s designer launched a new women’s line inspired by the fabulous fashionistas in his own life. Read on for all the stylish details.

Jonathan Mezibov released a new women’s shirt line.

A bonafide expert in menswear design, Jonathan Mezibov is launching a new women’s line.

“My new women’s line was inspired by the wonderful women in my life and by my love of reinterpreting menswear – in this case, shirts – for women,” he explains.

The capsule collection from Mezibov’s line features denim, stretch poplin, and silk shirts in several styles, including a western and military-style shirt.

Launched in November 2018, the line is available at

When asked what makes this new women’s shirt line unique, Mezibov says that it’s the luxurious materials, singular design features, and expert Italian craftsmanship.

“In addition, it is informed by a melding of influences,” he adds. “A little bit town and a little bit country, the line adheres to a countrypolitan design sensibility and blends American heritage with Continental refinement – the Denim Western Shirt being a prime example of these disparate influences. It is an iconic American sport shirt but made in Italy from premium, soft denim and featuring a wide-spread collar and my signature tab cuffs. Similar unique details are found throughout the line.”

Prices for the women’s line runs from $228 to $278, with complimentary shipping and returns.

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