Miami University’s Annual Fashion Show

Miami University’s Annual Fashion Show

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Miami University Fashion and Design is prepping to host its annual fashion show in April. See what’s new at this year’s event.

Miami University Fashion & Design will host its annual fashion show on April 27 at Millett Hall on Oxford’s campus.

The students behind Miami University Fashion and Design are preparing to host their annual fashion show this spring.

“We are one of the largest student organizations on Miami University’s campus and we put on one of the largest, fully student run fashion shows in the nation,” explains Alexandra Bogut, one of the PR/Marketing Directors for Miami University Fashion and Design (MUF&D).

The inspiration behind the annual fashion show comes from the desire to show just how much MUF&D has grown as an organization.

“We have grown by 39 percent as an organization in the last year,” says Bogut. “And each member has provided value to our upcoming show. We cannot wait to reveal our show theme on March 13 to the public and convey our vision to the masses.”

While MUF&D will be showcasing its talents to the masses, there will also be masses working behind the scenes to ensure the night not only runs smoothly but is enjoyed by everyone involved – from spectators to those working behind-the-scenes.

Bogut says that there are 19 student designers and 59 student models who will present their year-long hard work during the show.

“In addition, we have an executive board of 14 leaders,” she adds. “This includes positions for two public relations/marketing directors, a graphic design director, two event planning directors, two strategic partnerships directors, a finance director, two design directors, and two modeling directors.”

The student-run organization features student designers and models in its show.

The executive board at MUF&D is lead by President Rachael Steed and Vice President Sarah Craig. “The board works to create not only the annual fashion show, but also a vast amount of events for social bonding and/or career development for MUF&D’s 484 members.”

While 484 members may look like an overwhelming number, each of those 484 individuals are able to bring something to the organization that is unique and powerful.

At the 2019 show attendees will see 20 collections made by 19 student designers.

“Each piece will be worn by one of our 59 student models,” says Bogut. “MUF&D prides itself as being entirely student run, and in the past our attendees are shocked to hear that fact considering its size, professionalism, and overall well-run experience.”

Not only does the event showcase the works of student designers, the show also focuses on bringing something new to the table each year.

“Whether it’s new faces, new designs, or new concepts, MUF&D continually strives to impress time and time again,” says Bogut. “This year, we are excited to plan our show as a more immersive experience than is has been in the past.”

This year, the event will be held on April 27 at Millett Hall on Miami University’s campus in Oxford. The doors open at 6:00 pm with the VIP toast at 7:00 pm and the 13th annual fashion show at 8:00 pm.

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