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Need meditation or a cleared headspace? Check out Cincinnati’s unique Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Meditation Teacher who is making an impact.

If you are looking to find your inner light or taking a step back and relaxing through meditation, Moira Shine Free could be the perfect place. For the past 20 years, founder Moira Reed has been meditating, receiving energy healing and teaching the Cincinnati community in her unique practices. 

Moira Shine Free entails individual healing sessions, group meditation classes and intuition classes, all taught by Reed, a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Meditation Teacher. 

When it comes to finding inspiration, Reed discovers it through motivating others. “The inspiration behind my brand is encouraging everyone to shine their own light. I believe we all came to this earth with our own unique qualities and I believe this world needs us to share them,” says Reed. “I want everyone to be confident in themselves and proud of who they are; this is why I stand by the manta of ‘Shine in your own way and shine free.’”

Meditation is not simply sitting in silence; it is an art form, Reed explains. If performed just right, mindsets can be shifted, and lives can change, she adds.

“The Life Force Energy that is inside all of us can be blocked by pain, trauma and false beliefs. When you receive Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing modality, you clear and remove blockages from your energetic body. When we meditate, the Life Force Energy naturally allows our moods and lives to flow more smoothly,” Reed explains.

Within Moira Shine Free, the healings offered can be found one-on-one, in a corporate setting or in a class setting. The Corporate Meditation Package that spans over 15 consecutive working days and on-campus visits to schools to speak about the importance of mediation are also available. 

Moira Shine Free also has a studio that offers hour-long Intuitive Healing and Reiki sessions, group-oriented meditation classes, and sessions with Moira to learn how to open up one’s intuition.

In the future, Reed sees nothing but expansion and growth. “I am constantly learning and helping others grow to becoming more self-aware in terms of their energy,” she says. “I would like to participate in more speaking engagements to discuss the importance and beauty of our inner energy, specifically to an audience suffering with anxiety and depression, as well as children.”

The studio is located in Cincinnati at 5912 Kellogg Avenue, Suite 2. 

For more information, call 513-235-1435 or visit Moira Shine Free’s website. You can also follow Moira on Instagram and Facebook.

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