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More Art | More Heart 

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#makeyourownhappy with creative illustrations from this local artist.

More Art | More Heart is run by a local artist who wants to help you spread happiness with her creative illustrations.

Jacquelyn Sommer lives by a guiding principle: “We can change the world for the better, one little piece at a time. Even the smallest force can make big changes. Go make happy.” 

She makes her own piece of happy to share with the world through her business More Art | More Heart, a studio and brand that she founded back in 2016.  

“The ethos is about spreading joy one piece of art at a time,” she explains. “It originated as a concept to spread joy and creative positivity through found art and art making.” 

Then, in late 2020, the business evolved beyond the hands-on workshops and summer camps to a full-on brand that includes an Etsy retail experience, Indie Maker Markets, a blog, and a full social media presence. 

Now, what started as an art postcard style project is now on a mission to help you #makeyourownhappy with its one-woman show in Sommer. 

“I am the lone unicorn that makes the engine run,” she says. “I hand illustrate each character in my sketchbook with graphite, watercolor, and micron ink pens. From there I create a digital drawing and begin to design the line of products that each character is featured on.” 

When you shop More Art | More Heart, you’ll find a variety of products that help people make their own happy including: 

– Vinyl Die Cut Stickers 

– Thermal Tumblers 

– Home Décor, such as throw pillows, rugs, and funky items for your bathroom like shower curtains and bath mats 

– Apparel and Accessories like totes, waist packs, watchbands , T-shirts and hoodies 

– Journals and Notebooks 

– Dog Beds 

– Face Masks  

Sommer says that she finds joy in connecting with the people who engage with her shop in addition to the creativity involved in designing her products.  

“I love the creation of a community that comes with spreading joy,” she says. “Knowing that my illustrations are making someone happy is why I do what I do. It’s what keeps me motivated to keep creating and growing the brand.” 

If you ask Sommer what makes her business unique, she says that its ability to be more than just retail is what sets it apart. “The goal is to ‘make happy’ and ‘spread joy,’” she says. “I am looking to create joy and community. It’s important to feel connected. I have each illustration available on a range of products, making it obtainable. If you love Mr. Chicken but can’t get a T-shirt or a tote bag and a vinyl sticker make sense, then you can get more of what makes you happy and give one to your BFF. The shop is about giving joy to yourself and others. Every item has to pass the test, “Does this make me happy?’” 

Every few weeks with More Art | More Heart you’ll find a new character illustration and product line featuring the character. “Every illustration is paired with a companion playlist found on the More Art | More Heart Spotify channel,” says Sommer. 

To learn more about More Art | More Heart, visit You can also follow along on Instagram for up-to-date works in progress, playlist announcements, and blog post announcements. You can also shop her Etsy store here